Today was a mixed bag of MANY strange things…

Today was one of those days where I think stabbing myself in the forehead with a fork *might* have been more pleasant!  I work up feeling well rested since I went to bed at a reasonable time so I was optimistic!  Perhaps too much so…  I was happy to have my dental appointment as well because I hadn’t been to a proper dental appointment in over a decade which is bad, really bad!  Dentists cost a retarded amount of money which I don’t have an unlike my tattoo artist, I can’t leave dental work “half done when I run out of money” its pretty much all or nothing.

Anyway today at work was full of FAIL! My customers DROVE ME UP THE DAMN WALL! First off today was crispy chicken with orange & ginger sauce, a popular one. I usually make it with lemon & herb rice in case you were wondering because it goes along nicely with the citrus in the sauce. Anyhow, I don’t have a commercial range at work. I have the same stove that most people have in their homes which doesn’t generally give me any issues except for space. I have to admit, the one thing I DO miss about working in a more commercial setting is a 6-10 burner gas range. So I utilize the commercial convection oven downstairs in the bakery because I can use a larger baking sheet and the temperature is far more consistent then a regular range and the cooking time is also faster.
The only downfall to using ANYTHING in the bakery is that its not only in the basement its also 2 doors down (the bakery opened first and isn’t connected to the tea room in anyway). So I have to carry this baking pan up the stairs, outside and to the tea room which isn’t an issue in the spring but caused me some grave concern in the winter.   So I’m walking in and this one customer who is ALWAYS a pain in the ass is standing at the counter blocking the entrance to the kitchen bitching to Krystal that her soup isn’t hot enough. So I being ever so cautious said:”behind you, careful this is hot.” So hotly replies well my soup is cold and almost slammed her face into a hot pan of chicken which would have served the bitch right! I should have said move your fat ass outta my way but I didn’t… That REALLY pissed me off!

Then once again we get another customer who can’t pronounce quiche properly. I didn’t serve them but Krystal mentioned that she got a request for a spinach guiche. Since I work there and the closest thing to the modification expert all the staff now know what a (NSFW LINK>) guiche piercing is.  Which is always good for a giggle!  Its almost impossible to keep a straight face when a customer asked for a guiche, especially a woman.  I have to bite my tongue from saying “well I could give you one but you don’t have the right anatomy for it, I’m sorry”  🙂  So let it be know that there is a VAST difference between this and what you really want which is this.

We had a tea party booked this afternoon.  Which does resemble said picture (that is in fact my work) except we now have the three tier tea trays that we use.  Which is always a thorn in EVERYONE’S side because quite simply its a lot of work.  A million little things go into the preparation of this dainty tea (not to be confused with high tea mind you) because dammit there is a DIFFERENCE! anyway enough of my random ranting.  So this party was booked for 3:00pm but this snooty bitch.  I had to leave at 4pm because I had a LONG overdue dental appointment at 5pm which required me to get from one end of town to the other.  Of course she shows up late, she phoned and mentioned as much but said that she would be arriving at 3:15, she strolls in rather dramatically at 3:35pm and doesn’t like the table she’s sitting at.  Setting the table properly for afternoon tea is a hassle and its done BEFORE you arrive, Krystal started to re-locate her to placate her but then she changed her mind (WTF lady seriously?)

We have two ceiling fans going in the tea room because it can get quite stuffy in there.  She requested that one of them be turned off because she’s an opera singer and it might harm her vocal chords.  Are you kidding me?  Yes I know that singers in general DO need to go to some great lengths to maintain the integrity of their vocal chords I can respect that.  Her voice is her lively hood just as my hands are very precious to me because they’re what allow me to create.  However I WAS married to a musician at one point (specifically the lead singer) and the only damage that a fan would do to her vocal chords short of trying to swallow it while it was still rotating would be for it to hit her in the throat somehow.  She’s nothing but a pompous spoiled bitch and I felt EXCEPTIONALLY bad for poor Krystal having to deal with the self proclaimed fuss bucket or whatever she called herself.  Of course the table wasn’t adequate for Ms. Pain in the ass picky pants either so her and her friend re-located themselves.  Sadly I had to leave so I don’t know what the rest of the final hour was like but I know that Krystal was not happy when I left and well who in the hell can blame her!

So I leave to go to my dental appointment thinking that I was getting a minor tooth repair on a chipped tooth that happened a few months ago.  She takes x-rays, there’s infected nerve damage and a cavity or something.  I need a fucking root canal which she DOESN’T do so she has to bring in a specialist which will cost me $500.00 which my insurance only pays 50% of.  So I told this to her, because I can ill afford it and my insurance plan ONLY covers $500.00 for the ENTIRE YEAR regardless of what service your in need of.  Jesus Christ! So she says what do you want me to do?  I asked for a temporary filling so I could at least eat without  getting food stuck in my tooth all the time.  So turns out that I most likely have periodontal (aka gum) disease which is causing one of my FRONT teeth to loosen which is REALLY bad.  So I have to get some major cleaning done and she’s like well you should see your dentist (meaning her) more regularly blah blah blah trying to lay on this quilt trip.  I said flat out to her face:” No offense but private practice  dentists are rich for a reason, because YOUR EXPENSIVE!”  She just glared at me for that comment but I told her flat out, it comes down to money.  I have bills to pay, I don’t make a ton of cash and that’s that!  Can’t get blood from a stone now can you!  So I asked how much this treatment was, she just said it was expensive (how nice) and didn’t actually give me a proper answer to my question soooo I’m going to apply to be a patient at McGill university’s dental training program which boasts that its usually 50% LESS then seeing a private dentist.  Because its a training hospital for graduates.  So yeah it’ll take longer but it’ll still be done properly and under the watchful eye of a licensed dentist and should it all go to hell well it’s in a hospital so I’m not worried lol.  It’ll be well worth the $40.00 to try and get a second opinion in any case!  They also take insurance hooray!

So the temporary filling is in and throbbing, SO MUCH FOR THE NERVES BEING DEAD DR. REGINA!  If my damn nerves were dead, I wouldn’t be feeling this irritating pulse now would I?  At least the Novocaine is starting to wear off, I was getting a little tired of not being able to talk properly and drooling on myself.