Come again? Tales of woe, drama and useless junk…

You know, my life is epic.  Truly, there’s never a dull moment and when there is I tend to cherish them.  Kind of like good people in my life…  Someone said to me the other day:”Is every guy you know (or been involved with, something to that effect) an ass?” To which I simply replied it would seem like that wouldn’t it?  Except he’s not (YAY, well at least not yet).  Oddly enough I got to thinking to myself would I appreciate him for who he is nearly as much as I do had I not encountered such douche-baggery through the years?  Likely not, but who am I to say?  Everything does happen for a reason does it not?  OH yeah speaking of douche-bags, I just about damn near lost it yesterday when I turned my phone back on after trekking all across Montreal yesterday afternoon to find my text message in-box flooded with messages from Micheal.  Micheal who has his own tag on my blog (mostly because he’s the only person I know who uses the word wow so much) and he’s also the guy who stood me up and pissed me right. the. fuck. off.Gives me the weakest reasoning behind why I haven’t heard from him in two months, yes that’s right TWO months.  That was the biggest insult of all!  Honestly, I wasn’t born yesterday, please don’t insult my intelligence like that!

I call bullshit, because really, I have several e-mail accounts (don’t ask I just do) and he has the two that I generally utilize the most.  So did he leave his laptop with said person who had his phone too?  I have a really hard time believing that.  You see he’s been dropping in and out of my life like a damn yo-yo.  I finally put my foot down and said this is it, you pull some stunt like that again and your done.  I know people are busy, we ALL have lives.  blah blah blah…  However after such a long period of time why bother?  It was made quite clear to me that apologizing wasn’t his intention(he even went as far to say that there was no apology in his message(s) to me), yet he felt “I had the right to know & what I’m(meaning me) thinking isn’t true”.  So obviously he still cares.  Awe how sweet, guess what?  I DON’T.  As in care.  Regardless of whether your sorry or not, its too late to apologize anyway.  You won’t ever have the best of me.  I have chosen to move on.  I made a promise to myself and anyone who truly knows me, knows that I don’t make promises that I have no intentions of keeping. NEXT!

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6 drunk guys, an angry Chef and

a baseball bat…

I can only imagine the look on R’s face when he pulled up in front of the restaurant coming back from a delivery only to find it surrounded by police cruisers…  Needless to say Friday night/Saturday morning was FAR from boring.  We were busy, and by busy I mean not stop total chaos ALL night!  So we decided in the best interest of all of us to close early.  We were running out of food, the fryers had gotten so low on oil that even making an order of fries was complicated.  We had orders flying out the door and for some reason we had a whole lot of drunk people piling in as well.  Which killed me because you can plainly see that were busy and while most people were pretty cool about it, this one emo-tard was being a douche-bag so I made him wait longer for his food on purpose.  Mostly because I could!  Anyway that’s irrelevant to my “mishap” that occurred.

So R had to go on some deliveries because we were totally swamped and we opted to close at 3:30am instead of 4.  So I was asked to watch the computer, and what have you.  No problem!  That is until 6 drunk guys stumbled in the door at 3:35 am…  A large majority of them being black, except for that cute French white guy oh and one girl.  All of them at least half a foot taller if not more so then I and considerably larger then myself.  Yes the whole racial profiling thing has some relevance and I will get to that in a second.  They come up to the counter and after a minute of  hey how are you stuff, they got pretty pissed that I told them due to circumstances beyond our control we had to shift our closing time from 4am to 3:30.  So they were all dissapointed, which was what I expected except for this one guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer!  He was literally begging me to make him food.  Thankfully C had no more orders working at the time so I stood firm and said no.  I even turned down a walk-in pick up order because we both had enough and wanted to get the hell out of there!

Then this one asshole got exceptionally belligerent and well he just picked the wrong place/date/time to get up my ass!  There was no room left there for anyone else at that point!  All of his friends were like look man she’s closed let’s go and he just wouldn’t leave!  So then he slams his fist down on the counter and says your not listening to me.  So I in turn slammed my fist down on the counter and said no your not fucking listening to me!  So on comes the ultimate screaming match with some random dude…  His friends got smart and left and only that asshole and the one guy trying to contain him were still inside.  He just wouldn’t get the hint so I went out front to escort them out and possibly punch someone in the face.  All of his friends and a few random customers came in once again and it was getting crowded in there and no one was listening to me.  My co-worker well he was no help what so ever…  So since they wouldn’t leave I went back behind the counter to grab the baseball bat that we have in the kitchen for some random reason.  That’s when things got really ugly.

The whole front was total chaos, I was getting ready to start knocking heads off like some people do mailboxes.  So drunk guys buddy gets all up in my face talking shit, saying listen to me over and over again.  WTF there isn’t anything left to say other then get the fuck outta my restaurant!   My co-worker ended up calling the cops who to my amazement showed up in about 5 minutes and broke the party up.  Turns out because these two girls came in and seeing how it was late I let them stay in there because they were running away from some random dude; drunken ass thought I was refusing to serve him because he was black.  WTF!?!  Are you kidding me?  No I don’t give a damn what your race/gender/ etc. is if I’m CLOSED I am NOT serving ANYONE!   So needless to say the cops took care of them, made sure that those of us inside were OK and that was that.  No one at work is going to screw with me now lol.

So yesterday I was only supposed to work from 8-11pm because the other guy I was working with I ended up working for him Friday night but I somehow got sucked into working from 8pm-4am UGH… Anyway G asked me if I knew the guys name so that he could call him and apologize for Friday night.  If ANYONE should be apologized to, its ME.  So what if that one guy orders a lot, I make ALL the damn food that comes outta that place more often then not!  Yeah I get that we need the business (what place doesn’t?) and all that shit but honestly the personal safety of your staff should come first!  If my own personal safety is threatened in ANY way I will do whatever it takes to protect myself!  Its not as if I was having a bad night and felt the need to get in touch with my inner bad ass.  That really pissed me off!  I spoke to my immediate boss about that and one of the owners.  While I respect their point of view, I don’t agree with it at all!

Although in spite of all the bullshit, some good things do happen!  The biggest issue I had at work has officially been eliminated 😀 Hooray!  Also good things come in cute packages…  So had Michael not did what he did then I wouldn’t be enjoying that…  So not only did I get a bitching tattoo, I just might get something awesome outta the deal.  I’m down with that! 😉  Thanks!

a whole lot of WTF and reunions!

Well this weekend has been the up-most roller coaster ride straight out of hell!  Work, well what can I say work is work.  Although I have to give kudos to the new guy!  He’s my new bitch 😉  Seriously, he really is.  He’s doing a pretty great job though I have to admit!  Lots of positive changes around work which is good.  Maybe in the end we’ll all be happier!  I’ve been itching to “Steph-a-fy-” that kitchen since I started working there and I finally got the backing, go ahead and support that I need from all the bosses and owners so that’s pretty freaking awesome!

Then the other night I came home, checked my facebook and lo and behold there’s a friend request from a very dear friend of mine that sadly feel out of my life for a number of reasons.  I knew he was on FB but didn’t muster up the nerve to actually put forth the effort to “be-friend” him again.  That was the better part of 2 years ago and well he found me after 2 years of searching.  He spelled my last name wrong, which more often then not most people do.  So I guess we have been reunited once again which is nice actually!  I really missed him!  We were really close friends, and he was my rock when my life was horribly out of control in my early 20’s.  I knew I could count on him and he on me.  He was the person when you felt like you had almost no one that you could count on, let alone trust but he was always there.  I cherished that friendship and I can’t/won’t go as far to say that we can “pick up the pieces” seeing as how we live in different provinces but still nice to re-connect just the same 🙂

So while I was having a nostalgic moment  I thought I would scope out my ex just to see if B was friends with G and turns out they weren’t but then I discovered another old friend from my old life of long ago (by that I mean the 15-22yrs).   So we then played catch up and he’s doing really well too which is fabulous!  I too wondered what on earth happened to him and how he was doing.  I have to say that out of the things I don’t remember from that time period one thing I fondly recall is his going away party.  Which was the most epic toga party EVER!

Then while looking for something in my other not too often used e-mail address I got an e-mail from Jeremie whom I pretty much assumed that I wouldn’t have anything to do with him because I apparently gave him the wrong impression about something inadvertently & unintentionally before and at least he was man enough to tell me as opposed to some people who just figure that they can ignore me and that’s that…  But I’m saving that for last…  Anyway he e-mailed me 5 days ago and I still had his number in my old cell phone so I figured since my other plans totally fell through,  why not give him a call.  So we ended up hanging out from about 9-ish til midnight so that was OK I guess.  Granted I had my head up my ass the whole time he was here…  Mostly because I was pissed at Micheal.  But whatever, at least my night wasn’t a total loss.  Granted it could have been better… meh, whatever.0  I just really hate when people waste my time like that!

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The randomness that is my life…

So this is my first week with the schedule change and things are actually kind of OK for the most part.  Its a little different being there during the day working with and conversing with different people which is actually kind of nice.  Granted the totally inappropriate conversations are still very much never ending.  Like the great debate over just how much of a redhead I really am 😉  My hair color has changed somewhat exponentially over the years on its own due to age and the lack of sunshine that I expose it to.  However when I was a small child, my hair pretty much closely matched that of fire.  Nothing like looking as if you have a ball of flames attached to your scalp.  I offered to prove it to one of the owners at work but he declined lol.

Then we got to talking about the hockey game between Canada and the US that I quite frankly could care less about in any way shape or form because well its hockey so who cares.  OMFGWTFBBQ shocking I know…  But anyway I was talking to someone on the phone and they were screaming no no no in my ear and I couldn’t help but lament on the fact that that was the first time I have ever had a guy scream no in my ear like that…

One can hope when I do decide to converse with said person again they aren’t so damn crusty.  I can kind of figure out why seeing as how oddly enough there are certain aspects of said person that remind me all too much of myself.  I’m OK with that, because then at the very least I know how to deal with that.  Nothing wrong with getting in touch with your inner Steph 😉  Then again they’re also the greatest piece of inspiration behind my tattoo.  Don’t quite know how to say, thanks to you I have my life back.  well I do, just don’t know how to say it without sounding totally cheesy.

So were 7 days into the new year and so far nothing has sucked too bad…  Lots of work ahead but visa needs to get paid and the only way I can make that happen is to work my ass off some more.  I’m not going home this summer, the cost is quite exponential overall which is slightly sad in a way seeing as how I only go to Ontario.  However when you factor in the time I need to take off of work, the cost of transportation, not to mention getting my tattoo fix whilst there and general entertainment expenses the end just doesn’t justify the means for me when I have that much freaking debt. Well its not that bad, I know people who are FAR worse off in that department then I am but still I hate owing money.  I also hate only getting paid every 2 weeks, that’s exceptionally irritating!

Soon I’ll be back in school, that’s kind of scary!  I’m still holding off on my website because even though I finally feel as if I have my life back on track, I still haven’t transferred everything over to this computer yet program wise and all my files are stashed on my other HDD  as well and that’s just such a cumbersome task that I have little interest in embarking on for the moment.  It will get done, its just a matter of when really.  That and well I have too many other things that need to get out of the way first so it’s just going to have to wait a little longer!