Bring on the hatered!

So Sunday I have a “discussion” with my boss…

He wants me to do more!!!!! WTF, I DO EVERYTHING as it is, do you want my left fucking arm too while your at it??????

So they finally discovered that I know how to cook, so they want me up front at all times doing the set-ups and what not. I was told by 2 different managers not to do any cleaning IE: the floors and things because we hired a new guy to do all that stuff! So what do I do? Don’t do it lol.

What happens because of that? He calls one of the owners and cry’s to him and wanted me fired because I didn’t clean the floor when I was TOLD NOT TO! Seriously what the hell is wrong with people! Granted we have some serious cultural differences which are creating obvious conflicts. He keeps fishing for excuses to get me to do more work without actually getting paid more yet he dangles the proverbial money carrot in my face ALL the time. I ain’t buying into that BS, no thanks jackass, get a clue then we’ll talk some!

So after I found that out I started looking for a new job, spent 1/2 hour on the phone with the exec Chef of a better paying restaurant who’s looking for head cooks and he seems impressed with me, he actually said as much. So Monday I go for an interview, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Also one of the chef’s at work has taken hitting on me too far! Can we say sexual harassment. He grabbed my ass, finds ANY excuse to rub up against me and has been calling me honey all day.

Good, I can go after them when I quit! My PC has the speed of a snail these days so I can’t up-date much until I install more ram.

Random rant…

I hate people I really do, the food service industry blows and totally sucks ass! I asked for my raise and so far haven’t gotten it yet of course…

Their excuse: we can’t afford to give you more money. So that being said you get what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less. You want me to work harder for my shitty money you fucks? Are you out of your GODDAMN MIND!

No, so everyone someone asks me to do something I just reply with no, I don’t get paid enough and walk away. You want me to stay late because you have no one to close, I’ll laugh in your face like I did last Friday! If anything, at least THAT behavior is a legitimate reason for getting fired. Keeping a blog not so much…

People are senseless and total pigs as well. Yes please don’t take the extra 2 seconds to walk over to the other garbage because your too fucking lazy! Just keep cramming more shit in there, we like that…{insert heavily loaded sarcasm here}

Yes please do leave your shit all over the floor and the tables because your obviously a slob that doesn’t know how to clean up after themselves. Do you live in a trailer?

No class…

Next person that bitches at me for being English and not speaking french: NEWSFLASH TWAT IT’S THE WEST ISLAND AND THIS IS CANADA LEARN SOME FUCKING ENGLISH YOU SEPARATIST WHORE!

Whew, I feel better now! If I wasn’t so tired from my crappy sweat shop wages restaurant job I’d up-date as soon as I got home from work.