Convenience store horror & hillarioty (another random rant)

This happened on Saturday but the events of the day were just too outrageous not to post. I scored the weekend off so I went to visit a friend in the west island. Stopped off at Arahova’s for some food before I ran over to her place so we could have lunch together.

Since she’s moving out, I figured I’ll stop off at the dep near her house and pick up something to drink, that turned out to be a HUGE mistake. Generally it’s not that busy when I go in there but this was the first time I had ventured in there on a Sat…

The door flew open and a ton of kids came flying out and some of them felt compelled to stand in the door and scream to their little friends and in turn blocking my path. Keep in mind that I have take out in my hands since there were no plastic bags to be had at the restaurant. I was tempted to drop it on their heads but I wasn’t about to waste it on them. The line up was a mile long and I thought well with the monsoon of kids, that was somewhat to be expected.
They all finally cleared out until this older woman walked up to the cash and held the line up for an additional 15 minutes on top of the time I wasted waiting for the little irritating children to leave. Turns out she didn’t have enough money in her wallet. She even went as far to empty out her change purse on the counter all the while holding onto her dog so she was doing this one handed so that of course takes even longer. After figuring out that she didn’t have enough money, she wanted to pay debit so the girl scans her card and the lady just looks at the debit machine and has no clue what her pin number is! So then on comes the search for credit cards and the like, she finally paid and dropped her cards, her check book and her dog almost took off in the process… I mean seriously, who beings their dog into a store? Let alone buys more stuff then they have money for. Seriously, that makes me even more glad that I don’t work with the public anymore!

So Carly and I go out for dinner( hours later)… On the way back we made the mistake of going back into the same store to grab a few things. Once again another hold up… This one was different though, the poor woman was new and poorly trained. Fair enough, I can be sympathetic to that. There was a few people in line in front of us including a fake tanned frat boy along with a gaggle of his friends buying a case of beer for his limo ride. So poor woman at the cash is trying to fix a void, and has someone behind the counter trying to help her so she’s not paying attention to the people in line and frat boy takes off with said case of beer. A customer points this out to the cashier and she takes off and starts screaming at frat boy to give her the case of beer back. Meanwhile this arrogant, wanna be a thug sucks his teeth and calls the other guy a snitch. Customer looks at him and says excuse me? You don’t steal and has this little thug bastard cowering into the chip rack. He should have hit the little bastard for being so ignorant but he didn’t and the cashier raced back into the store, case of beer in tow. I twas pretty entertaining overall. Finally someone who knew what they were doing showed up and we finally got served. I’ll miss her when she moves, but not that damn dep!

Although in happier news, I started a new job yet again but I have a better feeling about this one. My most favorite thing from my last job was convincing someone who is not familiar with French acronyms that SVP (which is please in case you didn’t know) didn’t stand for Si Vous plait ( or however that’s spelled), but SUPER VAGINA POWER ha ha