Dear God!

I don’t have much to write about these days mostly because I’m not doing what I was hired to do. Long story and totally not worth mentioning.

Maybe they’ll fire my ass like Chartwell’s did. Then again Chartwell’s fired me based on Principle but they were waving my blog in my face, this of course is according to Benoit. Which is pronounced Ben-WA you know as in Ben WA balls ha ha!

Nice that I can talk freely about this, see they were just pissed because I spoke the truth of what working there is really like so let them try and come after me for libel because they can’t Na Na Na Na FUCK YOU!

Apparently I dissed the managers, that’s hilarious. Because I said they were wasting my cell phone minutes? Or how about the fact that they got sucked in by that pretty face and he ended up ripping off the company for hardcore amounts of money?

Can’t fire me now can you fuckers! So Jacques you can go fuck yourself too OK. Yeah I just recently quit smoking, so i’m a little cranky. Deal with it :p