Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?

Something about Monday’s Krystal & I always seem to get epically bitchy, snotty, arrogant (oh and I could go on) people.

Every Monday & Tuesday its the same shit: “Where’s Donna?” For the 1 billionth time SHE DOESN’T WORK ON MONDAYS! Don’t get me wrong, I love Donna to death but seriously WTF? The poor girl is FINALLY get some time off, deal with it, suck it up and if it bothers you THAT much then how about coming in on a day that she works OK.

So this snotty asshole comes in and asks for our tea selection box, that’s fine Krystal brings it to him. Which he should consider himself lucky to get served at all because usually during lunch time we don’t serve just tea & dessert and/or scones because your 5 dollar cheap ass is taking up room for people who actually want to spend more money.

Anyway they select a tea to share, fine. When they came up to the counter to pay snotty ass says to Krystal:” I think you gave us jasmine tea instead of dragon’s well.” She says no it was the one you requested and I know that because I seen her making it for one thing and Jasmine tea isn’t served in a tea pot its served in a tea carafe. Its also a blossom, dragons well which is green tea is just straight up loose tea. Prick!

So Mr. I *think* I’m the ultimate tea connoisseur says loud enough for her to hear” They said they gave us the right tea, must have been our noses.” Well yeah jackass if you didn’t snort so much coke then maybe you’d have a better sense of taste!

OK not even my story but I have PMS and that pissed me off! I don’t like seeing my co-workers getting shit on like that by some jerkwad who shouldn’t be there because Starbucks apparently is more “his style”.

Then on come the coffee complaints…

Fat bitch:Girls, your coffee isn’t strong enough.
Me: um hmm, and I just shrugged.
Fat Bitch:Did you hear me? Even the indicator looks like the color of tea.”
Krystal: “Don’t go by the indicator because it’s not accurate.” (and its not either.)
Fat Bitch:Well maybe you’ll listen to my friend here humph.

Fat bitches friend:The coffee isn’t strong enough *whiny bitchy voice*.
Me: “Yeah? Well I make it the same way everyday and there’s nothing I can do about it, its an automatic coffee maker, therefore I have no control over it.”
Fat bitches friend: “Well you can control how much coffee you put in there *snotty smirk*
Me: *returns snotty smirk* “Well no because its all pre-measured and pre-packed according to the machine that we use.”
Fat bitches friend: ” Well you can add less water then *again bitchy snotty smirk.
Me: *starting to glare at whiny bitch* “Um no, you see its an AUTOMATIC MACHINE which is hooked up to our plumbing and it automatically dispenses the correct amount of water.”
Fat bitches friend: ” So your telling me its not your fault? Enter Bitchy snorting sound teamed up with yet ANOTHER dirty look.”
Me: *at the end of my rope and not caring how bitchy I sound…* “Why yes that’s exactly it because I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE MACHINE!”

Seriously, WTF part of I have zero control over it doesn’t that bevy of stupid twats NOT understand. Thanks for your suggestions you stupid bitches but this isn’t a coffee machine like you have at home, its a commercial model. If you have THAT much of a problem with the coffee, please feel free to contact our supplier and in the meantime go fuck yourself with the stick you have up your ass.

Jesus Christ!

For the 12 bucks your spending on your entire meal including salad, coffee/tea and dessert (which is all homemade in house) you really can’t bitch. Yet they find something… Just because your husband thinks your a cunt too and doesn’t want to put out is NOT my problem.