Another day is finally over…

OMG WANT! <-my birthday is coming up soon-ish

So today was…  Interesting to say the least.  It was busy, for a brief period of time during lunch and I tell you some of the people we had today astounded me to no end!  This one woman who quite obviously liked to call attention to herself a great deal or is blind or damn near close to it was wearing the most outlandish outfit EVER!  Try and picture this:  A woman who appeared to be in her late 50’s with a gigantic bouffant of hair wearing an orange sorbet colored headband and a ton of exceptionally tacky jewelry.  Topped of with a matching orange sorbet colored blazer, which she had draped a rather obnoxious neon orange/pink/yellow shawl teamed up with wide leg leather pants and these HUGE white framed sunglasses that reminded me small plates.  I couldn’t help but laugh every time I walked by her, or seen her because she looked ridiculous!   I had my camera at work today and I was tempted to take a picture because if anything for the entertainment value!

Then this jackass got all pissy because we don’t serve clotted cream.  Which is illegal in Quebec (thank God because the thought alone makes me want to yarf something awful!) because its not pasteurized EWWWWWWWWWWWW!  Being a Chef there is few things I will turn my nose up at without trying it, this would be one of them.  Anyway back to this jackass…  He got all snotty because I told him while we have our own version of Devon cream, we only make that for special orders and for afternoon tea and we don’t currently have any on hand.  Generally scones get served with butter and our homemade jam which he didn’t want.  Fine, he asked for dessert instead.  Since he had 3 other people with him and I was working alone at that time I had my hands full trying to prepare this order and serve people.  He walks back to the table and proclaims quite loudly that “we’re useless because we don’t have cream.”  I’m seething, thinking you immigrant asshole it might be acceptable to treat woman like shit in YOUR country but this is Canada sweetheart and I ain’t going to tolerate that shit for a second!

Thankfully Donna came back upstairs and I let her deal with it because I was pissed off at this ignorant and rude comment and was fighting the urge to stab him in the face…  So Donna goes over with their order and offered them lemon cream which Krystal had just brought up from the dessert leftovers.  So he got all arrogant with her too!  Donna told him the same thing we usually only serve it for afternoon tea, to which he replied” well its the afternoon and I’m having tea. ”  Not the same thing!  So Donna (God bless her patience!) gave him the low down on what afternoon tea (dainty tea) was  and that it required a reservation and all that.  He’s like well we drove in from the west island blah blah blah, so?  We have people who come to the tea room from the US and Europe which is a whole lot further then the West Island jackass, next time ORDER AHEAD!  Oddly enough, when they went down to the bakery they were super nice to the boss lady.  OK yeah Donna and I don’t look as old as we actually are, especially Donna but that doesn’t give you the right to dis-respect us in the least!

I mean seriosuly…  Are you kidding me!

In other news:  I FINALLY got kitler’s litter of choice!  They only had 4 bags in stock so I bought 2.  She’ll be good for the next couple of months 🙂

So I decided…

To do a few things, one of them being removing my blog off of blogger and just transferring everything to here because its just SO much easier to maintain.  I also created a new category called totally tasteless.  So today shall be known as totally tasteless/tacky Tuesday.  At least part of it, mostly because I can.

John sends me a text after work in regards to this “trashy” news tidbit which I responded with something to the effect of EWWWWWWWWWWWW THAT’S SO NASTY!  Which it is!  I have no problems with public sex but a dumpster? WTF?  I thought that was the end of it…  I thought wrong.  You see John and I both love Family Guy perhaps a little too much.  However anyone who is a regular viewer of the show should be familiar with the dumpster baby episode which is a totally wrong, not to mention tasteless (yet somewhat hilarious) dig at Melissa Drexler.

So John made the mistake of asking me what I thought was worse: Dumpster baby or dumpster sex?  Of course dumpster sex totally outranks dumpster baby IMHO because for one thing, I’m a total germaphobe/neat freak and I HATE being dirty.  Garbage grosses me out to NO end and I am also totally ANTI baby in all forms!  My reply to that: All babies should be chucked in a dumpster ( OK well not all but most because kids annoy the hell out of me if they don’t belong to family/friends) and dumpster sex…  Think about it: Garbage groodies dripping into your ass crack and rats nibbling on your private parts?  I think not!  So I of course being the queen of crass and all things nasty (not only that I love to gross out John because it amuses me) I said what if there was a dumpster baby where you were having dumpster sex?  That was it for him, he replied with no more dumpster talk.  lol, he started it and it appears that I have finished it!

Speaking of TV shows, today at work reminded me of a Seinfeld episode…  I’m standing there  talking to a customer when this woman walks in and AS I’M TALKING to one of my regulars barges into the conversation with excuse me, excuse me EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME.  I looked glared at her because that’s DAMN rude!  She wants to know what’s for lunch, when is it going to be ready?  She sounded EXACTLY like George’s mom in this episode (the contest for those of you that know the show) Where she screams George I’m HUNNNNNNNNNNGRY!  Anyway…  It was only 11:20am and lunch doesn’t get served until 12:00pm.  I could have had it ready earlier but her voice and her epic rudeness just irritated me to NO end so I made her wait until 12:00.   My kitchen bitch, MY rules!  I hate people, I really do.  I’m a GOD DAMN CHEF not a waitress an I will NOT tolerate rudeness in any fashion.  In any case she was put in her place, but yet she left happy and loved my food ha ha 🙂

Sometimes I hate my life, but moments like these make me smile…  And by smile I really mean evil smirk, just in case you were wondering.

Things that make me go hmmmm

So I called the bank yesterday, turns out that some jackass DID in fact clone my bank card and tried to steal $240.00 from me…  Nice try but it didn’t work!  Stupid thing (on their part) is that MY bank knows what machine was used and they all have security cameras now dumbass!  So I got a new card today with a chip in it, supposed to prevent fraud.  In any case I am exceptionally grateful that my bank was on the ball and put a hold on my account so that they couldn’t steal any of my money!

My hot water tank won’t stop over-filling so I have to leave it off unless I want to use it which is a HUGE pain in the ass!  Because I have to turn the valve back on, and flip the breaker, wait for it to fill and heat BEFORE I can take a shower or wash my dishes.  Because the electrical components are EXPOSED and likely going to short out and catch on fire!  I’m amazed that it hasn’t already!  Of course my landlord said that she would be by “sometime this week” yeah I think not, I WILL be filling a complaint with the Regie Du Lodgement!  I don’t care HOW far out of town she lives, I don’t own this place and its not MY problem to arrange to have someone come in and fix the damn thing.  Along with my heat which isn’t important now but that’s really not the point.

There’s a lane way behind my work that has a few houses there and it turns out that one of them has become a crack house.  How nice!  Apparently the guy that lives (d) there befriended some very undesirable people and they started squatting there and I guess he finally called the police on these so called “friends” and the city and the police dept have had to step in and take over.  So there was a team of people in there clearing everything out so that it wouldn’t be condemned and the managed to fill an entire dumpster that’s oh I dunno about 20 feet long and at least 10 feet deep with trash from his house.  This guy had papers dating back from 1995.  I can’t even begin to fathom how someone could live like that.

Also 2 of my co-workers found a baggie with a straw inside, outside of my work…  Cocaine anyone?  Then there’s this crazy swine flu going around WTF is that all about?  Another epidemic that we can’t explain?  Its somewhat reminiscent of the whole SARS scare  Also there’s been a hepatitis A breakout at some Tim Hortons in New Market ON, how lovely is that?  Go in for a coffee and leave with liver disease…

On a final note: Rufor  (whomever the hell you are) your a doucebag!  You honestly think that i’m going to let you spam my comments about some stupid anti-virus?  Oh please!  Most likely goes to some sould sucking porn site.  Sorry my friend, I plan on doing that already…

Another reason for me to…

Dis French people!  Jesus Christ, they’re so flipping rude sometimes!  I go out today to pick up a few more things to clean with and what not.  I know it was 4:45pm and that bitch was likely at the end of her rope, however that’s NO reason to be rude to me.  I told her I was paying by interact, the lines getting longer, she for some reason keeps glaring at me ALL THE WHILE I’M WAITING FOR HER TO PROCESS THINGS ON HER END! So she gets all pissy, cos yeah that’s *MY* fault?  But of course, apparently.  The little screen says not approved, so I’m thinking WTF its Saturday, I just go paid yesterday and there’s NO way I blew through my $1500.00 a week interact limit already because I almost never have that much in my chequing account at one time.  So I said its needs to go through again she’s freaking out and spitting (literally foaming at the mouth here) and says to me in French you need to swipe your card, yet the screen still says Welcome/Bienvenue so she’s all sighing and moaning and carrying on.  Again it says that its not approved, I of course the debit queen have no cash so she flips out again.  I told her to fuck off and I left.  Ignorant bitch!  So I decided to forgo my foray into IGA just in case my bank account was compromised in some way (which thankfully it wasn’t) I’m assuming that there was likely some sort of network/system error.  Whatever its irrelevant, I’m more annoyed by this ignorant bitches attitude!  Not my fault you have a crappy min. wage job because you obviously can’t do any better.  I was tempted to punch her in the face but that would have taken effort and I couldn’t be bothered.  I tend to get exceptionally cranky when I’m not taking my BC pills 🙂

Finally scraped all the damn paint off my cupboards which was a huge pain, but its done and looks 100% better then it did!  Cleaning up little flecks of paint wasn’t exactly a joy either but whatever.  So my livingroom/kitchen has been overhauled and cleaned from top to bottom.   Bedroom/bathroom is next.  I don’t have a huge apartment but i’m cleaning/clearing out everything this time!  Was going to pop in and see Gil today but I ended up taking a nap since I was woken up twice last night, once because my bladder demanded my immediate attention and the other was because of this horrendous dream I had ugh!

I might go and do my laundry tomorrow, or I might just wait until Monday.  Most likely do it tomorrow morning though, get it out of the way.  Start cleaning my room from top to bottom and then John’s coming over for dinner after work 🙂  Once I tackle my apartment then I can start working on my website again.  Right now though my living space and myself requires a little more attention as of late and for a change I’m putting myself first.  Who would have thought?