WTF! absolute madness!

Jesus Christ, I swear to God my life is rarely dull!  Last night, I went over to a friends house for her birthday which was fine.  We all decided to go out to the bar, so I opted to go home first so I could change and call a friend of mine to see if they wanted to tag along.  So that’s all fine and dandy except that my phone died when I got back downtown trying to hunt down Lyndsay to find out which bar she ended up at, so that was a epic FAIL moment.  Couldn’t use my buddy’s phone because I don’t know her phone number offhand, so I feel bad because well that was exceptionally rude, however un-intentional.

Anyway ended up back at my house half wasted already and the friend and I decided to hang out and finish the night off.  Got an epic case of the munchies, decided to order pizza so that’s fine I order it online and we wait, keep drinking.  So by the time he get’s there I’m practically comatose by this point.  This is where the drama begins…

I open the door and I swear to God he looked starstruck! He appeared to be late forties/early fifties and was considerably shorter then I was.
He’s French, says to me Stephanie? I was like yeah.  Oh are you English or French?  Does your boyfriend live here? How come your alone? (said friend was in my room playing the memory foam on my bed at this time).  I was starting to get REALLY irritated at this point and I said can I pay now? That’ll be on debit (wondering where in the hell his hand held debit machine is) and he kept asking me all kinds of FAR too personal questions to be small talk. I mean really dropping off anything should take no longer then 2 minutes MAX unless I need to sign/pay extra for something or whatever. Then he tried to one arm hug me, I was like WTF? Dodged that bullet and again handed him my card and proclaimed loudly I would like to pay please. Finally he swipes my card but he got all nervous and starts fumbling around and did something wrong so had to swipe it like 4 times before it was finally processed properly.

I’m really pissed at this point I just want my bill and for this guy to get the fuck out of my hall. So I asked him for my bill and he’s standing there stammering and trying to talk in English and can’t quite get the words out right and I’m trying REALLY hard to be polite because I know what a pain in the ass last minute orders can be, I used to work there when I lived in Ontario. Then he says to me oh I just live over in NDG were neighbors, I’m like oh that’s nice, well thanks have a good night thinking fuck it he can keep the receipt.   I turned away to close the door and the next thing I know I’m in a headlock and he’s trying to kiss me and ask me out on a date.  He had his arm around my neck so damn tight I could barely breathe let alone do anything else! Thank God my friend picked that moment to stop playing with my bed and came into my livingroom and grabbed me by the waist and yanked me away from him and yelled loudly get your fucking hands off my girlfriend! Which I am of course not, but it worked at the time.

So finally he left, thank God! My friend was like are you OK and I’m thinking to myself no, it really bothered me because it was SO INVASIVE!

Had I been stone cold sober I would have knocked the shit out of him! Its on thing to hit on someone or pay them a compliment but that was just WRONG, SO VERY WRONG! That pretty much ruined my night because I honestly felt nauseous after that. That thankfully passed and by this point its almost 2am and I opted to go to bed.  As I’m walking into my bedroom to get said friend some pillows and what not since I wasn’t letting him drive & made him sleep on my couch; my intercom goes off!

Its the fucking pizza guy! So friend get’s up and hits the talk button and says who’s this? I know *I* wasn’t expecting anyone and very few people actually know where I live so that was a little disturbing.   I didn’t quite catch what he said because it was garbled and my friend says she’s busy fuck off! He still wouldn’t leave so he goes running outside after the pizza guy who had to smarts to leave pretty damn fast after that.  So I e-mailed them, not that I expect Pizza-Pizza to take me seriously or anything.  In hindsight I wish I would have thought to ask him HIS name and I should have phoned the police which I will do if he ever shows up here again.

This is *MY* home and I will NOT tolerate such things under ANY circumstances! For you to assume that its ANYWHERE NEAR OK TO TOUCH ME is asking for trouble! Everyone has 3 feet of personal space and should be respected at ALL times. Unless your a friend, my tattoo artist or I’m having sex with you, KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF ME! I didn’t invite him into my home, he was invited into my building and he violated that and I am currently deeply disturbed by this.  I’m proud of this apartment and what I have done with it and the fact that I made it in spite of the fact that a few people thought that I wouldn’t.   Now I feel almost as if that personal satisfaction has been tainted in some way and I personally feel just a little violated.


I of course like most people who have a Monday-Friday job LOVE Fridays!  My day seemingly started out OK, then it slowly went to shit in an annoying sort of way.  I decided to hang out after work to wait for a co-worker to arrive since they had “goodies” for me and I wasn’t in a big rush to go anywhere.  So I hung out front on our “patio” & by patio I mean the 3 bistro tables we have out front sectioned off gabbing with one of my regulars.  Then a friend of mine showed up that owns/operates reach for the stars rescue which was nice since I am adopting a friend for Kitler and I’m helping to build her website as well.  So we hung out and gabbed a little bit about that and a few other random things.       So needless to say I was in the area later then normal.

So I decided to walk to the metro as I usually do since today was semi-decent and I don’t mind the walk either.  Of course the metro is down on part of the orange line, you know the direction I take to get home urgh!  I was going to walk to the bank and then find some way to get home but my knee’s been bothering me and I didn’t want to push my luck either.  I mean seriously, all the announcements are in FRENCH of course and you can barely decipher them even if you are fluent in French.  Odd thing is, they usually say that such and such a line will be down for x amount of time or they’re scraping a body off or something but this time it was simply: The orange line is only running from Lionel Groulx to Cote vertu.  OK fine, I think to myself I’ll catch  the 24 bus and go to the bank except that line up was really long so I said the hell with it and walked down to the number 17 bus which I had to wait FOREVER for and it was late grrrr.

Now Donna’s on her way over where we’re planning on indulging on martini’s and some good old 420 🙂

Your joking right?

So in a slightly futile attempt to go to bed early last night for a change after a rather interesting yet informative evening out with my friends boyfriend from Ontario who was here on business…   And by early I mean before 1am…  I was rudely awakened by none other then my friends the douchetard brigade that lives upstairs!  At first I thought I was having a really strange dream since my sleep was quite restless and I kept waking up for some reason or another.  Oh no, it was a little too real if you ask me.  It sounded like there was a wounded animal or something outside my bedroom window at 6:30 AM!  Between the screaming, the howling and the what I am pretty sure was some form of retching I of course couldn’t sleep.

The welfarians that live upstairs obviously were at it again.  Their living room is ABOVE MY FUCKING BEDROOM WINDOW!  So of course instead of GOING INSIDE like normal people would they along with some of their friends stand in front of MY window and yell and scream upstairs!  Finally the racket stopped and I was able to go to sleep briefly for a little while longer before I went to work.  It wasn’t until I actually left for work the area in front of my apartment’s entrance and the area outside my front window resembled a crime scene!  There was a trail of blood, and of course in front of my living room window was remnants of a broken beer bottle (surprise surprise) along with an epic amount of what I am assuming is human blood and a large assortment of Kleenex that was also saturated with blood.  FUCKING GROSS!

I am beyond fed up, this apartment has given me nothing but a million issues and the utmost obnoxious neighbors I have EVER had to contend with!  Needless to say I WON’T be renewing my lease come July.  If anything I am going to aim getting out of it earlier using them as a prime example as to why they’re ruining my reasonable enjoyment as stated by the regie du lodgement.

In other news I went shopping this evening in search of a water pik which better offer said promised results for the $50.00 price tag!  If anything though maybe it will help save on my upcoming dental bills, one can hope right?  We’ll see what happens with this one…  So I got that and of course I felt compelled to look around and found not one, or even 2 really cute shirts but 4 that I of course had to buy lol.  I also got another memory foam topper for my bed, so maybe tonight I’ll sleep like a baby.   Spending money I don’t exactly have isn’t the smartest move but I rarely go shopping for one thing and this particular store is out of my way so I only go there once in a while so in my opinion its justified…

What a day…

That is coming to a close thank God!  We had some psycho nut job call the bakery today talking shit and uttering threats.  I won’t get into details but whomever it was that called is seriously off her flipping rocker!  Evidently she has some sort of issue with the p/t employee which is fine but… DON’T BRING YOUR FUCKING DRAMA TO SOMEONE’S PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT AND DRAG THE STAFF WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR EVIDENT PSYCHOPATHIC ISSUES INTO IT! *end rant*

That just blew me away, of course however in typical fashion we used yet another epic event to poke fun at the situation as a whole.  Now every time one of us calls upstairs/downstairs we all “impersonate” a black woman and say: Who dis?  Were actually getting quite good at it as a matter of fact…

I only have a suture or two left and the scabs that were residing under them are GONE HOWRAH!   So I’m halfway on the road to being FULLY recovered from my surgery!  Still have a little ways to go but in spite of it all, I seem to be doing OK!  I still have a little bit of pain in my upper cheek area and I’m 99.9% certain that its leftover from my infection and not my actual surgery.   Even that (residual discomfort) however is starting to go away.

I’m quite excited about this and I know that I am not the only one but I’ll leave them out of it 😉

So the minor “lifestyle” changes I’ve made are seemingly paying off already which is good.  Still have a few more things that I should need to do in order to make my life easier overall and eventually I’ll get around to them in due time.  My body hates me enough as it is, no need to over-do it for the time being.