The battle rages on…

So my hearing has been postponed, surprise, surprise!

So that’s that.  Gives me time to deal with some other stuff that didn’t quite go as planned, but hey everything happens for a reason right?  Going to visit an old friend that has a sweet deal on her place and hoping I can cash in on the same!  Regardless, it will be nice to see her again, it’s been a long time.

Big changes are coming forth and once again I feel myself in a place where I need to start over again, except this time I feel like I’m doing it the right way and I have to say:

I’m pretty excited about that.

Packing up my life and starting over.

So I’ve been hoarding boxes from work.  I don’t get near the sheer amount of deliveries I used to get when working in a restaurant so I’ve been saving them up for a while.  My hearing with the regie de lodgement is on Friday (OMFG!) and I need to be prepared for that!  Thankfully a lot of it is essentially printing out letters and making sure I have copies of all the images/video that I need as well.  Have to go out today and get some blank CD’s I think.

As much as I hate moving (I really, really do!) I hate packing, trying to find a moving company, a new apartment and all those things I am actually looking forward to it in a way.  I’m proud of what I’ve done with this place.  I left a lot of stuff behind when I moved from Ontario to Montreal and even more so when I split up with Jeff.  So moving in here was an accomplishment.  It’s MINE and everything that’s in it is also mine.  It’s the first apartment I have ever gotten that’s been truly on my own terms.  Just me, myself and I.  Only my name on the lease and no one Else’s.

Everything in it also belongs to me.  Some of it was donated by a good friend who moved to another country (thanks Carly) and that was a huge help.  Regardless of what happens on Friday (I put in a request to kill my lease early) I’ll still be moving out of here sooner as opposed to later.  As of July 1st I will have lived here for 3 long years and I have accumulated a lot of stuff in that time frame.  I’ve outgrown this place and need to get out of here.  There’s no storage, the neighbors upstairs are crazy and I could go on and on and on…  However I won’t.

I will admit, I will kind of miss it here.  Not that much though, as this apartment has  turned into quite the problem child and just keeps getting worse.  So as much as I am dreading the actual aspect of moving, I’m looking forward to moving on.  Hopefully to a bigger and better place that’s got more storage and more of what I need!

Tales from the other side?

I believe in ghosts in spite of haven`t ever actually encountering one.  There`s been quite a few instances of `spirit activity` when I used to babysit my cousins at my aunts place.  Everyone thought I was off my rocker, that is until they hung out at her place with me and experienced it first hand.  I`ll save those stories for another day.

I haven`t been sleeping well.  Mostly as a direct result of eating too late and having strange dreams as a result.  Because yes, eating too close to bedtime WILL in fact do that.  Since your physically at rest, although given yourself energy your body needs to do something with it and so something is shall: infect your sub-conscious with odd dreams and such.

I`m more of a stomach sleeper, although as of late I`ve been sleeping on my back and my sleep has been restless as previously mentioned due to eating too late, neighbors that have ZERO consideration for people that live in the building.  IE: hitting my apartment up on the intercom at 12:30am regardless of the fact that *I* don`t know them and I have to get up in the wee hours of the morning.  *sigh* anyway…

Moving along.

I have a desktop, with a LCD monitor that `sleeps` when it`s not active for a period of 15 mins and comes back to life with the move of the mouse.  It`s also pretty freaking bright when there`s no lights on in your room and is otherwise pitch black.  Which is exactly what happened to me at 3am this morning.  I was passed out, having another one of those strange dreams when all of a sudden my room lit up like a Christmas tree jolting me out of my slumber and then out of no where my radio (that I had shut off prior to falling asleep) came on full blast.

I was of course wide awake, although rather disoriented at this point wondering WTF?  Mostly because I listen to the radio via my computer.  So in order for it to come on, you would have to physically go to my computer, activate the monitor and open up the browser and hit play.  None of which I did while I was across the room sound asleep in my bed.

I got out of bed and realized that it was rather warm in here on top of my blaring radio and went to open my bedroom door to let some air in here (my living room window was open & the heat off for a change).  The thought of turning the heat down didn`t cross my mind because I was too busy being freaked out by the fact that the radio started playing by itself and was left with a general sense of UN-ease.  So I stood there briefly staring at my bedroom door, immobile, said fuck it and went back to bed to try and re-claim some of the sleep I lost.  I HATE when I have to get up for work early and my sleep is disrupted, it drives me nuts no matter what the cause.

However this time, I have no rational explanation for it and it`s pretty damn creepy I have to say!