Ignorant people!

Holy shit, some people just fucking kill me seriously! Today is John’s birthday and he’s doing the family thing so we did the birthday thing together on Friday. So on Thursday I finally got off my derrière and decided where I was going to go and get John’s gifts. So I went to EBgames
got his first gift card(they were great BTW) and I went to Simons to get his other one. I’ve never stepped foot into that place before and the chances of me stepping foot into there ever again are pretty much NIL…
The first person I spoke to was exceptionally helpful and really nice, kudos to her, although someone should show her how to put on mascara properly. Anyway after waiting in line behind a few yuppies returning things I finally got my turn. He was polite but I got one serious look of total disdain. It’s not as if I showed up wearing this:

Redneck Tanktop
Or looked like this:
redneck girl/boy
Not that it would have mattered anyway my damn money is just as good as anyone else’s!
I asked for a gift card, I was promptly corrected by being told it was a gift certificate. Well la de fucking duh! Most people use gift cards now and days, whatever…

Snotty cashier guy: How much would you like on your card?
Me: $40.00 dollars please
Snotty cashier guy: gives me a look like I just asked him for a gift certificate with $2.50 cents on it.
me: I glared at him, gave him my money.
Snotty cashier guy: Takes his sweet old time filling it out by hand and then says to me ” would you like to borrow my pen so that you can put the name in so that it matches the rest of the writing in this lovely green ink that matches so nicely?”
Me: yeah sure why not, he’s sucking up enough of my time, might as well take some of his as well. I bet he dis-infected his pen after I left.
Snotty cashier guy: Do you know how our gift certificate’s work?
Me: I just looked at him and was like WTF!?! Who doesn’t know how to use a fucking gift card! I however said no I don’t shop here enlighten me.
Snotty cashier guy: Gives me a once over and a looked that screamed yeah it looks as if you don’t ever shop here. Then in a VERY condescending tone tells me about their return policy and the like.

Honestly I felt like Julia Robert’s in that scene of pretty woman when she get’s kicked out of a store after being told her kind don’t belong there and then goes by later with a ton of shopping bags from high end stores.
Fucking ignorant cashier snotty prick wearing a fucking suit. Who in the hell do you think you are treating me like that! So needless to say, I have very little intentions of ever going back there. It’s not like it’s rodeo drive or something, buddy better learn to get over himself and damn fast! Just because I am (to coin a phrase from Clint) not a fashion plate. Of course, I looked on my receipt and of course the douche bags name ISN”T on the receipt. Whatever I’ll take my money elsewhere cos I don’t give a shit where my smoochiekins shops cos his clothes look better on my floor anyway!

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