A multitude of epic FAILS!

Dear God, today has got to be by and large the MOST heinous day I’ve had in a while! First off I find out my IAM page was TOS’d for something I didn’t do. That however doesn’t surprise me as Rachel is a power hungry twat…

Then I discover that someone shouldn’t be trusted anymore which REALLY sucks!

Then I *almost* forget that today was good Friday and the bus schedule had changed, that however wasn’t an issue. Then I go to work, the place is a tad bit messy and I have an abundance of orders to contend with first thing in the AM. Nothing I love more then making a ton of quiche for other people first thing in the morning blah!

*On a side note, I hate when people pronounce it wrong! Its QUICHE not kish or my personal favorite: a Guiche which in case you didn’t know is a male genital piercing and makes me laugh every single time I hear someone call it that!*

Then I discover we have a tea party today, which had gotten forgotten about. So Donna asked me if I would mind running to Couche tard to grab some bread so we can make the sandwiches and grab some snacks for her and myself. So off I go, get what I need and of course upon my horror discover that I totally forgot to bring money with me! So that was a little embarassing to say the least! Thankfully its not far and I know the guys that work there to, but still!

Today was crazy busy! It was a constand non stop stream of people today who wanted tea and scones. Which is a utter pain in the ass, tons of dishes and a lot of work and most of us hardly think its worth it. Lunch however went over really well (creamy dilled salmon with lemon rice) which was nice seeing as how my day had gone to shit in so many ways throughout the say.

So i’m leaving work, forgot my dinner AND my pay ugrh! Thankfully Donna lives down the street and is willing to drop it off for me, bless her!

So anyway I get to the metro, almost home… Then I look up and the escalators are broken 😛 Now don’t get me wrong I’m not *THAT* lazy BUT… My knee was killing me, its been a long week and I was tired and St. Henri metro has a whole Lotta stairs! So thank God for Catholics because we score a long weekend which means not work for me on Monday but I still get paid, YAY!

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