Energy Vampires

I stumbled upon an article on gossipbook crackbook facebook the other day Via Rebekah who got it from someone else.  Anyway the article titled:

How Energy Vampires Drain Your Spirit and Soul

11 Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Influences

Made a whole lot of sense to me.  OK granted I know a lot of people who blog that use it as their space to vent/un-load (myself included) for whatever reason.  I pay for this space, ergo I feel that I should be entitled to post what the hell ever I deem fit.


Fair enough.  If anything I have to say gets anyone down that much, they don’t have the read anything that I write.  Writing is therapeutic for most people.  I personally do it because it’s my outlet, a way to express myself to no one in particular other then whomever happens to stumble upon my blog that day.  We all have problems, we all have issues and we’re all a little crazy no matter how “normal” you might like to think you are.

Society is hard core fucked up you know!

Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Energy vampires.

So. Many. Of. Them. Infect. My. Life.


Essentially I’m tired of people expecting other people to blow sunshine up their ass every damn day!  Learn to be self reliant and find your OWN form of happiness!  I can drum up several examples of people who post status updates on facebook/titter/their blog whatever social media outlet you choose; that scream: PITY ME!  FEEL SORRY FOR ME!  FIND A MAN/WOMAN/S’HIM/WHATEVER THE HELL I’M ATTRACTED TO FOR ME! PRAISE ME! MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL!  ACKNOWLEDGE  ME!  PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEE!

I have since blocked these people from my news feed because quite simply I can’t take their self centered bullshit any longer.  People like that NEED HELP.  Usually because they have no self esteem/self worth.  Why can’t you just be happy with YOU.  Why is a requirement for other people to make you happy?  Who has time for that?

I really wish people would learn to get off their asses and learn to be self sufficient for a change!  Life is what YOU make it, not what others do!  Be INSPIRED by others to do something good for yourself/others.  Only YOU can make this happen at the end of the day.

Please, please!  GET. OVER. YOURSELF.

Google is your friend!  Having a shitty day and need a laugh?  GOOGLE!  Bored, want something to do? GOOGLE!  Learn, educate yourself, amuse yourself, do something worthwhile because YOU can!  Christ don’t sit on your ass and expect other people to do it for you.  Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the “energy vampires” category ergo someone I can’t stand anymore.

on a totally random/semi-unrelated note.  I stumbled upon this interesting article on a very smart octopus.  Working as a Chef usually means your going to stumble upon squid of some form in your life.  I refuse to eat them because I see what they look like BEFORE they hit your plate.  At least now I can justify it by saying that some of them are smart.  However  even though I said this was semi-un-related, Otto seems to be an attention whore too.  Not so random after all.


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