What keeps me busy…

Has also been keeping me sane.

My boss asked me once how I know how to do all the stuff that I do.  Necessity is the mother of invention for one thing and not only that, I am a doer and a thinker.  I’m also exceptionally smart and I work with my hands.  I have yet to meet a Chef (including myself) who couldn’t at least “MacGyver” something to make it work until we could call in a professional.  I’m also an artist.  Life isn’t one dimensional to me and instead of being a princess and throwing my hands up in the air saying “OMFG THIS IS BROKEN SOMEONE COME FIX IT” My first thought that usually comes to mind is:

How can I fix/do this myself?

Being in a creative industry also helps.  I use several forms of raw materials and turn them into something else.  Sometimes they’re brilliant, sometimes they’re a total train wreck.  However, I learn and keep on learning because I enjoy my independence and the ability to do things for me simply because I can.  I do not relish in being helpless and weak (either mentally or physically) and will try just about anything once.

Including chocolate beer.  Which was a mistake needless to say…

But I digress.

The best part of being a Chef?

Having one kick ass imagination!


One thought on “What keeps me busy…

  1. avatar Ania says:

    this post should be officially forbidden to read/ look at/ oggle! makes me salivating!

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