I made cake!

Its banana and its yummy!  My friend/co-worker the pastry guru Krystal was kind enough to pass on her recipe to yours truly so I gave it a spin.  Was is a little over cooked on the bottom because I used loaf pans as opposed to cake pans so it took a little longer to cook in the middle but its no SO bad that its not edible.  Its by and large the EASIEST banana cake recipe I have made to date and this one is definitely a keeper!

I don’t plan on icing it or anything, I like it plain with a little butter as I REFUSE to use margarine!  You know the thing that kills me about margarine is that their target mareket is “heart healthy” or trans fat free and so on.  While these of course are all GOOD qualities for any food margarine is ONE yes ONE molecule away from PLASTIC!  Someone please tell me how that’s SO much better for you then butter?  Yeah no thanks!  I’d rather buy butter and know that even though its not as healthy that it at least comes from a cow and isn’t manufactured in some factory with a ton of stabilizers/oil and God knows what else and is a little too close to becoming Tupperware for my liking.

I also dived into a box of chocolates that I got from a dear friend that lives in the US.  One thing I love is unique food!  Its the Russel Stover “urban” chocolate collection, I have pictures and will do a chocolate review on Thursday as I still need to upload them from my camera.  I’ll tell you, I’m not a die hard chocolate fan unless is HIGH quality chocolate.  I do on occasion like your average chocolate bar of course but for the most part I don’t consume a lot.  I have a box of Lindor chocolates (the petite desserts collection) that I bought in Ontario at Christmas that I still haven’t finished off yet.  Speaking of chocolate bars there’s a new 3 musketeer’s bar that’s chocolate mint and dipped in dark choclate, must try and of course send one to Ania who likes the regular one’s and she can’t get them in her part of the world which is a travesty if you ask me!

One thought on “I made cake!

  1. avatar Ania says:

    I’ll make sure to add some Wedel chocolate to your b-day package – it’s an excellent stuff and probably the best chocolate brand in this part of Europe!

    can’t wait for this chocolate review!

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