First impression’s…

are apparently lasting ones and thank God for that!  Because at least my first months rent was paid ON TIME.

Except, I had a major faux pas with my rent this month, which is a tad embarrassing (only my second month living here) and it’s costing me a small fortune!  You see my bank had this option that you could have additional savings set up for every transaction of your choice ( withdrawals made  via an ATM, in house or whenever you used your bank card to pay for something).  As in for every purchase you make, x amount of money will be transferred to another account.  Not a bad idea overall and it’s helped me save a few bucks through the years by placing said money in a  guaranteed investment account.  Except this time, that nifty little option cost me dearly.

I just moved, had a ton of dental work done and hell yes I had to buy a ticket to Pearl Jam.  Money’s a tad tight for the moment, however that too will level itself out eventually.  I’m pretty responsible about paying my rent on time, I do like having a roof over my head.

Who doesn’t?

It wasn’t until I got home that I was planning on going out and getting something that I thought to myself to check my balance and see if I had enough stashed in my main account to get what I needed.  Imagine my surprise and utter horror when it dawned on me that I had too much money in my account this close to payday.  My rent cheque bounced due to a lack of $2.26.


So with a nice stockpile of NSF fee’s, that $2.26 is going to end up costing me $67.00


It’s not as if the money wasn’t actually there either.  Because it was.


Had they not charged me “other bank fee’s”.  For what exactly, I don’t know. So much for my accounts being covered under a flat rate, since I don’t typically use other bank machines.  Mostly because I rarely carry cash.  What pisses me off, is that something like this has happened before.  Not quite the same situation but close.  What did the bank do?  Went into another account, took the money out and only charged me $5.00/ that I can live with.

This isn’t the first time they’ve screwed me either.  They cashed two cheques at the same time, regardless of the fact that one was post dated for a month later which they “corrected” but I of course still had to pay the $42.00 NSF fee.  That was last summer (thanks douche bags!)

So fuck you bank, this is the LAST time you have screwed me over.  I’ll be looking into your competition, because I am officially FED up with your incompetent bullshit!  If it was something that *I* did, fine.  I’ll take responsibility.  However the money was there, and you choose not to use it.  So that being said:



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