Baby… Don’t sing it! Bring. It.

Funny thing about dating, a large number of guys that I have spoken to or gone out with play the OS card.

I ain’t talking about operating systems either. 

Oral. Sex.  Why, oh why does everyone play that card?  I mean I know men are horribly desperate for blow jobs, however that doesn’t mean that our thighs get all a quiver at the mere thought of someone dining out on us.  I’ve lost count about how many times a guy has claimed that he just loooooooooves going down on a woman. *Insert eye roll here* 

You want to know what phrase actually get’s me hot?

I’ll do the dishes.

So listen up boys, if you’re going to go on and on and on about just how much eating pussy gets you hot…  Maybe you should go to Chinatown .

Prove it.  Don’t fucking sing it honey, just bring it.

Otherwise? Just do my dishes and STFU.


Woman everywhere.

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