Nope, not dead.

OK maybe a little dead inside but that’s about it.  I’m just busy. Mostly working. Also painting and getting my acquaintanceship on with several members of the Gallo family. Mr. Sauvingon Blanc isn’t my favorite needless to say. Ms. Rose still has a place in my heart and in my wine collection.

So lately I’m on this painting kick.












Which was inspired by this:

That’s all I have for the moment for this blog post in any case. I could write more, but… I’m exhausted!

One thought on “Nope, not dead.

  1. avatar Yo Guerra says:

    OMG! It was like seeing someone playing out my minds thoughts! I love you! No not in a Gay way although I am…yep Gay.. I love that you are as confident and as knowledgeable as anyone one person should be.. Hell yeah! Women and men both have this seriously creepy way of mingling and keeping their creepy thoughts to their selves.. And you know dam well what their thinking and wishing they were as strong willed and confident as people like us!.. I live in a horrible world! Not only am I Gay, but I’m a Hispanic Female that for the life of me cant seem to get anyone in my family even bear the thought that I am associated.. Well I am butch but non the less! why should it fucking matter! right!? I mean I don’t go around asking anyone if they do it with a man or a woman and they say ewwwwwwwwe! Why not say something more tactful or human like so what!… who cares! and another thing abut my family and many like them! STOP shoving your god down my fucking throat! enough already! I have for years spoken my mind and have been cast because the dicks in my female family members lives are so insecure that they actually accuse my own sisters or nieces of wanting to be gay because they care about me! really?? I cant help it if I can swing a dam hammer and fix a car better than them! really I’m not trying to make t hem dumber than a box of rocks! Ok so I do say things like myn is bigger! LOL. and by the way it’s not about gay it’s about being able to stand up for your self and do what ever it takes to not be pounded into the ground like a worthless piece. I am a strong, beautiful, confident, assertive and bold person! I don’t like mean and ugly people! Its not my fault that so many of them are dicks! or hispanic dix! My policy is and always will be.. Honesty and you beat on a child I will mow you down! beat on a woman and I will mow you down! It doesn’t matter if your, brown, green or orange, male, female or gay! don’t shit on others because you hate yourself!..
    Every thing you said about religion and the way people conduct their selves ! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! why don’t they fucking get it!
    And as for people at work! hell yeah! doesn’t anyone know how to roll up their fucking sleeves anymore and just fucking handle it! Seems like the new world of humans is all about me! me! ME! no one wants to try to get along, do extra help, every one wants to get paid top dollar and those that sat around shoving shit up their fucking noes and fucked off and didn’t get a high school diploma b itch an moan about I work just a s hard! Yeah Pendeja! but you were hired to wipe an ass! It’s the fucking job you applied for remember! and all you stupid fucking ignoramuses at other low end pay jobs! who want top dollar! YOU FUCKING APPLIED FOR IT! Hello!,,, So much shit coming thru my channels! Don’t get me wrong Im not a basher! or a hater! I say exactly what I feel I need to say to get my point across! I do not intimidate easily nor do I do quilt trips! I’m not some desperate woman that will accept anyone rationalizing why they are superior to me that I deserve to be treated like shit! BY no one.. I will and prefer to co exist .. But some people make it unbearably difficult!

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