Bitch please!

It’s rare that I post anything about work, however since I don’t have horrific dates to post about; work it is! I really just need to bitch. It’s my blog, I’m allowed so there!
I actually enjoy my job, most of the time. Lately it’s been loaded with major ball suckage. The cook we had (who sucked ass on several levels anyway) is no longer with us so my work load has increased exponentially (since I’m working both sides) while my patience has dwindled down to non-existent. I also don’t deal well with stupid.

We have a lot of replacement staff on hand right now and needless to say, it’s Fucking. Everything. Up.


So we have this one woman and I wasn’t impressed with her personality from the get go, but I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. She’s rude, loud, and obnoxious and has the poorest observation skills. She also mumbles & only speaks French. So that makes conversations with her interesting almost mission impossible…

I could go on about several of her fails but I’ll stick to just the one. So, today I’m at work in my kitchen de-boning salmon for lunch. So needless to say, my hands are covered in salmon slime.

Yeah I know that’s hot.

Anyway, she comes in and grabs a glass of water and I’m standing there doing my thing and she’s talking (mind you, she didn’t address me directly so I’m not listening) and I’m doing my thing ergo not paying one iota of attention to her because she could be talking to herself for all I know. Then I hear this:

EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I whipped around, wondering who in the hell she thought she was talking to ME like that IN MY FUCKING KITCHEN no less. Then she asks me this:

Pouvez-vous  passer le savon s’il vous plaît?

I just looked glared at her with the ultimate are you fucking kidding me look on my face.

Seriously? Are you blind? Or just really fucking stupid?

I’m clearly busy and my hands are covered in shit and you want me to pass you the fucking soap? Jesus Christ! One of these days, I’m just going to haul off and punch her in the damn face! I don’t know who she thinks she is, but honey I got news for your ass: I CAME FIRST AND IT’S MY FUCKING KITCHEN CUNT! SHOW SOME ME SOME FUCKING RESPECT BITCH.

 Never mind the fact that she had no business being in there in the first place, let alone washing her own dishes*.  Especially  when you’ve been working in one of the classrooms that have had an illness outbreak.  Sunlight ain’t going to cut it it sister.

I really need to get out of this industry before I accidently on purpose stab someone.  Common sense isn’t that common and you can’t fix stupid…  Yet people like that seem to flock to me.  WTF is it about me?!?  Seriously!

End rant,carry on.

*In case you’re wondering why doing your own dishes is a no-no at my job, it’s simple. Germs. Also people don’t know how to wash their dishes correctly and end up putting them back in the cupboard when they’re still wet and then it get’s all sludgy and moldy (true story, happened last summer. Awesome!) so while people may think they’re helping me, the reality is you’re not. So please, just don’t.  

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