So, how high is your pain tolerance?

I willingly allow people to inflict pain upon me and even worse, I pay them to do it.  I am of course talking about my tattoo artists and my dentist.

Tim & Gil, they know how stubborn and hardcore I am when it comes to my tattoos.  For me, getting tattooed is about as close to a spiritual moment I can get.  I could go on and on about my tattoos, but I do that enough already.  In any case, I get to pick and choose my tattoos, the placement, the location. The whole 9.

My dental work however is a whole other story. I make a commendable effort to take care of my teeth.  Especially given the thousands of dollars I’ve currently invested in them as of late.  So last time when I went on a dental shopping spree of sorts, my dentist asked me the one question I feel everyone should dread:

How high is your pain tolerance?  

Come again? 

You see, I was getting some repair work done on one of my front teeth.  She didn’t want to give me the Novocaine shot if she could help it, said it wasn’t pleasant.  So I thought that having a fairly high pain tolerance, I could take it.  Well turns out that she was closer to the nerve than I was aware of  and once the tears started streaming down my face in a silent homage to pain, because tooth pain sucks balls on so many levels; I had to cave and ask for the Novocaine.  Which normally isn’t too bad.  However getting a shot of Novocaine on the very front of your face?


OMFG…  I could feel that needle underneath my right eye.  Most disturbing feeling ever!  Also? My sinuses and half my face were frozen solid for the better part of three hours. Always a good time!  So when I recently discovered the beginnings of a small cavity on another tooth, I got my ass into her office right away.  The faster you get these things fixed, the less it hurts later.  I am of course talking about you and your bank account.  So there’s an x-ray taken and she’s all, oh it’s small, you don’t need any Novocaine.

Um sure…  That’s what you said last time dentist of mine!  Except this time it wasn’t too bad.  It sucked a little bit, not going to lie.  I do however now have bragging rights:

I got a filling with no Novocaine. Take that bitches!

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