And I’m done…

With this damn apartment!  Back in the winter, my heating didn’t work very well at all.  Whomever lived here prior broke off the adjustment knob and I can’t get the heat to go up past 1 so when it was really cold outside it was on some occasions below 0 degree’s  in my apartment.  My living room/kitchen area isn’t insulated very well, no storm windows and plastic over said windows? FAIL…  I’ve been asking my landlord for MONTHS to get its fixed and by months I mean almost 6 now.

My hot water tank?  Yeah that’s another treat!  It would overflow, making my bedroom feel like the amazon because of the steam.  Soaked the floor which has ruined God knows how many things now at this point because there was just SO much water on my floor.  So I couldn’t shower for a few days, and when it stopped over-filling then it would take 10 hours to heat back up again.  My friends boyfriend who’s thankfully a plumber, not to mention a really nice guy said its working but pretty much on the way out.  Brought this to her attention, said to give  her two days she’d have it looked at, umhmmm yeah NOPE not fixed STILL!  I mean it works but one of these days its not going to work at all.
Then there’s my shower, the diverter stopped working so my shower was always on. Justin fixed it for me, then there goes my shower head which still spews out water everywhere but mostly not ON you while your in there… Again empty promises about having it fixed… Then she dumps the problem on me of tracking down the repair guys! WTF, NOT MY PROBLEM/RESPONSIBILITY! According to her, she’d send them over to my house because they “were in the area” which she CAN’T do, expected ME to make appointments with them because she lives really far and can’t be bothered and claims that she doesn’t have a key… This has been the repair battle royale for months now! I was fed up already, but today REALLY was the icing on the cake that was already poisoned…

When I moved in here there was noticeable water damage on the ceiling in my hallway which she said she would have repaired (yeah right!) Whatever aside from being slightly un-sightly it wasn’t too much of a bother to me. I had to run out & buy some stuff for dinner tonight, John was on his way over & I said I’d meet him at my place.
I’m coming home, John texts me to tell me that my hallway is leaking which I didn’t pay much attention to at the time because I thought maybe it was just because there was water on the floor from Heddy’s new self watering water bowl. Nope, that fucker was spewing nasty water from upstairs somewhere. Thankfully John threw a towel down on the floor & grabbed something to catch the water while I was gone. However what if I wasn’t home? What if I was in Ontario & John wasn’t there and there was a flood? So after almost wiping out due to the water on my cheap faux hardwood floors I snapped. I was stark raving mad! I have enough on my plate to contend with and then this? So I fired off a bitchy e-mail to my landlord, took pictures of the ceiling and I’m calling the Regie in the morning and filling a complaint. I’ve been nice about this because my heat obviously I don’t need right now and my hot water tank has behaved for the last little while but this tops them all!
I offered on NUMEROUS occasions to have someone *I* know come in and fix it. I know plumbers & general contractors who offered to get my heat fixed and my hot water tank BELOW cost because they know me, and will do it when I’m free. Because all those jackasses she told me to call DON’T work past 3pm unless its an emergency so she expects me to be home when its convient for HER *or* have one of my friends hang out at my house waiting for them to arrive, I think not!

To top it all off, my left arm is inflamed, I have little to no feeling in my pinky finger on my left hand so I think (read hope) that its just my carpal tunnel flaring up which is a simple surgery and I noticed I have a cavity that I can’t afford to address at the moment and can only hope that my new found OCD dental regime will hold it off until July.
I mean really can it get any worse? I’m not playing the woe is me card cos that’s not my style but DAMMIT I HAVE PMS & NO PATIENCE! So I needed to bitch.
There, I feel better now…

3 thoughts on “And I’m done…

  1. avatar Carly says:

    That really freaking sucks, Steph – what is it with Montreal landlords?!?!?!? Hope it, and you, get better soon!

    • avatar Steph says:

      Thanks doll! I tell ya Carly, this is by and large the WORST place I have lived in yet. Its not like she’s not willing to get the repairs done, she’s just not willing to be here when they arrive because she lives up north and a slew of other reasons *eye roll* whatever thankfully the regie tends to side with the tenant. OK things happen, they break whatever its life. I have never ever had so many issues with one place, and they’re all expensive ones! Whomever moves in after me next year will have it pretty good. All new stuff (hopefully) and I insulated it as best as I could so maybe I won’t freeze in the winter this year!

  2. avatar Delphine says:

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