Not so down with the (home) sickness.

Imaginary bonus points if you get the obscure reference in the title.


There’s something about Easter that really makes me miss my family. I’m not really sure; it’s not something that I can put my finger on exactly.

When I still lived in Ontario, I would always come home. No matter where I was, what I was doing, how messy my life was at that moment, I always came home for every holiday. This is an obscure point of pride when you work in the hospitality industry. Life is hectic and crazy when you work in a kitchen and nothing beats coming home.

Home to the house you grew up in with your mom making the most kick ass dinner(s) for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


When I first moved here, my mom would always ask me if I was going to bother coming home and I would always tell her no. Eventually, she stopped asking. Every year though I always become overcome with this feeling of Mellon collie and homesickness. I think this year is extra sad because I am finally able to properly grieve my fathers’ death and my mom sold the house last year. The only real ‘home’ I have ever known is long gone to someone else who will create their own memories with their family.

Easter weekend was always something I enjoyed and not because it was a long weekend. It’s nice to get together with family and have this amazing dinner and just hang out and be together and eat entirely too much food. So it was nice when I started dating my fiancé and I could enjoy all those things with his family. While still missing my own, obviously I don’t view his family as a replacement.

There’s just something about being around a table with tons of people, even more (awesome) food and 3 different conversations in just as many languages. It’s boisterous and loud but never, ever dull and always lots of love.

I’m pretty pissed that I had to miss out this year though due to shady dental work. That is, in and of itself is a whole other situation that I will save for another day. It’s been almost two weeks since I went to get a filling dealt with and I haven’t been able to eat/talk/smile normally since the novocaine wore off…

In any case, Easter always makes me feel nostalgic for home, my mom and her scalloped potatoes and family.

We take so many things for granted and often don’t truly appreciate their value until their gone. I find that the older I get, the more I find that I miss the ones who are no longer here.


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