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I’m about to have a nervous breakdown!  Work, OMFG I ain’t even going to get started on that but I will say this much: My boss will be getting an earful via e-mail on the 24th since I have that day off and need a few days to “cool down”.  I mean really is there a diplomatic way of telling your boss “Please stop acting like a twat, I have more qualifications then you I don’t need a babysitter thanks…” I’m working on it, but something needs to be said because I’m about ready to snap!  I can’t deal with work BS on top of the 10 tonnes of drama I have to contend with already.

Once again I needed to bitch, its my blog so dammit I will!  *le sigh*…  Still haven’t heard back from my landlord, that’s convient!  Funny how when I confront someone they back down.  I’ll only be nice for so long until I have had enough which is why my boss is next in line for me to take a bite out of someone’s ass! I can haz vacay now?  How about some Valium?  I honestly can’t wait to get the hell out of this province and go home and regroup.    I just need to get away from this place, and my job for a few days.  I am afraid that when I come home it will be burnt to the ground or something will have blown up or there’s going to be a pool in my apartment.  Thank God for John, I mean really…  At least I know he’ll stop by and see that everything is OK while I’m gone & feed my cat,   he’s so good to me 🙂

In other news, I do on occasion find a reason to smile and I meant to say this yesterday but got so caught up in my rant I didn’t…  I have to give Carly a world of credit for her awesomeness!  I’m quite proud of her for her major achievement which made my day last night!  Something good came out of it which is pretty awesome!

This has been making headlines as of late…  Some people say its a hoax or a cry for attention or free advertising…  Who knows?  In any case this whole story true or false blows my mind!   Of course I could count on Ania for giving her two cents on the topic 🙂

2 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. avatar Ania says:

    would it make everything worse if I told you how I’m lazing around now, taking everything slow and just enjoying my time off? 😉

    try to remember that pissy times will soon pass and that it’s not worth it to waste your energy on stupid things; breathe in, breathe out and face them all!

  2. avatar Carly says:

    Awwww, you’re so sweet!

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