Fear & loathing in Verdun, among other things…

Good old Quebec full of slum lords, too many politics and really random holidays like June 24th aka La Fête nationale du Québec Which means a paid day off of work YAY!  So my friend & co-worker Krystal decided that she was going to have a bbq at her house because none of us had to work the next day.  I was on the fence about going because I was tired and really just wanted to go home and relax since I was so stressed out over a million things but then I thought nah I’ll go home, shower and what not and head over because I don’t go out much & it would do me some good to get out of the house.

So I headed over & it was fun, best time I’ve had in a while!  Got to meet some new people, got molested by Krystal’s boob licking dog Maya & got more action from her in one night then I do from John in a month lol.  The we all started craving Doritos so I headed over to Couche Tard to get some and that’s when it all started.  The leering, the stares and the comments from the group of guys that were in there.   I know I’m not ugly and I do call a lot of attention to myself through my tattoos and I happened to be wearing shorts that night but I as always blew it off.  I DO NOT like getting hit on, it doesn’t make me feel better about myself and when I have PMS & I’m 1/2 in the bag it irritates me to no end!  Anyway made it back and I was debating do I take the night bus or do I grab the metro but I wasn’t ready to leave so I said screw it I’ll take the night bus which wasn’t due to leave until 2:10 am. Which just may have been an epic fail on my part!
Jesus Christ, in the 10 minutes I had to wait for the bus I happened to “run into” one of the leering guys at the dep from earlier who WOULDN’T stop talking to me and I almost punched him in the face, some guy asking for directions offered me a ride home (yeah because I want to become a statistic? no thanks!) and several other offers that I of course refused. This poor woman who was walking down the street who was only checking out my leg work scared the crap outta me because I didn’t see her at first and she said to me in French oh I’m sorry I just like your tattoos.  All the while I’m texting John with updates and having a fit while waiting for the bus.  I don’t know that area very well & while I can hold my own being in a strange part of town drunk @ 2am isn’t the best place to be alone.  So apparently I’m a hot commodity in Verdun, who would have thought?  Next time I’m wearing pants.

In other news…  I got a rude awakening on the 24th by a general contractor who should be thankful I was home…  I got my new water tank installed YAY!  I also got new  baseboard panel for the heat as well so maybe, just maybe I won’t freeze my ass off this winter!  He’s coming back on Monday since we have a long weekend for Canada day to install the thermostat and fix my leaking ceiling which I believe he was here today taking a look at it because its leaking from upstairs and in turn ruing my ceiling and floor here.  So that was nice, and a huge load off too!  However that still doesn’t solve the insulation issue I have with the wall that faces the outside…  As in there isn’t any at all!  So me being the crafty DIY decorating diva has decided to take matters into my own hands and solve that problem as well.

I went to home depot in search of polystyrene sheets that were 1/2″ thick but they didn’t have any that width so I searched around and found very economical Styrofoam insulation instead (23.00 for 7 sheets of it!) which is even better because its easier to carve, doesn’t cost a lot of money and will still act as an insulation barrier as well.  So I installed plastic sheeting first and then nailed the sheets to the wall which sucked because I still have electrical outlets and what not to work around so that was interesting to say the least. Thankfully the wall itself isn’t very large so fairly easy to cover for the most part. I don’t know if this is going to help or not but one would think it would at least to a certain degree! So once that is fully installed I’m just going to take some plaster Paris and do a very light texture over top of it because the Styrofoam isn’t smooth enough on its own to paint. Whatever I have left over I’m going to use underneath my kitchen sink because that too is draft central.

So because my new baseboard heating unit is shorter then the old one, you can see the old paint that was there so that needs some repair work which I also plan on doing this afternoon/evening because while I did like the look of the paint job that was here I prefer something that more to my liking and will paint the hallway/kitchen area one color and I plan on doing a really nice faux finish on the living room walls. I already painted my bedroom & bathroom door white & re-painted the trim and it already looks a million times better! So whomever moves in here after I leave should be happy with not having to freeze in the winter, and not worry about their hot water tank going to hell, can’t say they’ll appreciate the decor but to each their own!

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