I’ve been busy…

And angry, frustrated and a million other things. Being having a few strange “moments” as of late, none of which I care to discuss. I have a TON of e-mails to respond to, been contemplating a career change and I can’t WAIT for my vacation to come which thankfully is soon however not soon enough!

Motivation, yeah I pretty much lost that somewhere along the way. I’m hoping after my vacation which won’t be much of a break due to the fact that family will be following me home… So I took an extra 2 days off of work to accommodate them and my various appointments that I have when I come back anyhow. My hours have been cut back at work which is no shock since its summer and hotter then the armpit of hell on more humid days. We have A/C that does next to NOTHING… So of course who wants to come in and eat at my work when you need a personal fan at your table… Its only for 8 weeks I can deal its only a 5 hour/week loss so not too bad.

I’m mostly looking forward to my tattoo appointment. I haven’t been tattooed since JANUARY and I’m dying here! Must call Tim to confirm my appointment, head to Berri metro & buy my greyhound ticket in advance to save money and a million other things… So yeah nothing really exciting to report, just figured I’d post something cos well you know, that’s how I roll 😉

2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy…

  1. avatar Carly says:

    I’m sorry that things are uber-shitty for you right now, and I wish I was there. In happier news, I’m getting tattooed tomorrow night!!!

    • avatar Steph says:

      Thanks love! <3
      Not uber shitty just kinda blah I guess. I dunno, in any case I wish you were here too! I can't wait til you get here I really can't!
      YAY for new ink, I know how much you LOVE getting tattooed 😉 Can't wait to see it. I'd be jealous if I wasn't getting tattooed soon myself of course.

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