Exasperation, I has it…

And I have it bad!  Healing is SUCH a pain in the ass, doesn’t matter if its my tattoos or better still recovering yet again from dental surgery UGH!  I had three choices to deal with le problem child tooth of mine which has already cost me a few bills already, you know of the hundred dollar sort.  Makes me wonder how I can afford this?  Oh right I can’t hello visa (thanks Mom I love you!)!

Anyway new dentist FTW!  She’s awesome, I have never ever in my life had a better dentist, much more then Regina Bastos! Because she’s a useless twat…  As most people know I was beyond fed up at this point, the infection came back AGAIN so I was about ready to have a total meltdown because the pain was just too much.  So went in and had my consultation for this stupid tooth and was given one of three options:
Extract it: $170.00 although it says differently on their website…  I’m going to ask her about that one.  Root canal/gold post for support & white filling $450-700.00 with an 80% change of actually keeping it or:
Root Canal/porcelain crown approx total cost almost 2 grand!

So needless to say there was no f’ing way I was spending 2 grand on anything that day, let alone one tooth with a 20% change of having to have it removed and get an implant anyway (another 2-5 grand).  So I had the sucker yanked out along with the infection that’s been haunting me (or I hope!).  So I’m hoping that once become a patient at McGill’s teaching program I can go back and forth between the two and have an implant put in later on sometime next year since its Cheaper at McGill then a private clinic.  Had I not already wiped out my insurance for the most part, let alone had SO many issues with it in the first place I *may* have opted to go another route.

Healing is taking a little longer this time around but the surgery went exceptionally well.  I was awake the whole time and in spite of the fact that I had so much Novocaine injected in my face and I sounded slightly like a retarded stroke victim I was happy!  Still have the Absorb-able sutures in my mouth and I really try NOT to think about what they’re made out of.   So yesterday of course I had to be gross and see just exactly how this looked with the aid of a mirror and well I’ll spare you the details.  Needless to say I won’t be kissing anyone for a while yet.  She said they should be gone in 7-10 days but they can take longer.  I broke *almost* all the rules on the  don’t do this for at least 48 hours rule by the dentist (had a birthday party Friday night 24 hrs post op) but so far I seem to be OK!  I’ll tell you though, it isn’t exactly doing wonders for my personal life.  Oh wait I don’t have one of those either! lol

All right enough about my EPIC dental FAIL!  Work has been SO slow, I mean ridiculously so.   So the boss has been in a bit of a snit but what can you do.  September is closing in which means hellish nightmare chaos all around.  I go back to working until 5pm thank God I need the cash!  Changes they are a coming and I am curious to see just exactly how that’s all going to pan out, let alone affect the amount of work I have to do.  We all got spoiled this summer but once the weather starts to change we get annihilated with orders especially for Christmas which is enough to make me want to go on Prozac.

I deal with enough stupid people in a day at work as is, I really REALLY don’t need to deal with anymore.  We all came up with awesome ideas to make things run better and more  smoothly but of course boss lady has to “come up with them on her own. *cough* control freak *cough* So of course with said new changes will come an abundance of new stupid questions that will most likely get asked via  a phone call at 9:30am when I am right smack in the middle of doing something, you know like work perhaps?

Haven’t done much work on the website, too caught up in other things like trying not to stress out and have a life.  Mostly I’ve been slacking, for a number of legitimate reasons.  My health and the scares that followed came first but that seems to be mostly OK.  Have a few moments here and there that I wonder what the hell is going on.  I am however making a valid effort in changing some things about my lifestyle for the greater good.  Not being overly fanatical about it, I don’t see the need but I figure it can’t hurt to be responsible once in a while…  Right?

So I am looking forward to a few concerts, a charity benefit, more money, no pain and some other things that I am not going to mention on here 😉

Maybe, just maybe I’ll update this a little more often with things that are more interesting to read too, how about that!

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