Screw you pizza pizza!

Funny how filing a complaint with a company get you NO WHERE FAST…  Anyway after Saturday’s incident I thought about it more and more and the more I thought about it the more it pissed me off! Even more so when I went to visit a few friends of mine and was discussing the events that had recently occurred and everyone said:”Why didn’t you call the cops or beat the snot out of him?”
Here’s why I didn’t call the cops right away: For one thing I was HEAVILY intoxicated, and at the time even though it freaked me out I dismissed it like I usually do. Not only that its Saturday night and what are they going to take more seriously a more serious crime or some random person getting “assaulted” by the delivery man?
I didn’t kick his face in because well I was smashed and my reflexes were at 0 along with my reaction time. I did however make a vow to myself that if he ever came back then I would nail his ass to the wall.

So after a lovely afternoon with my “extended” family I went home and there was a slew of private name/private number calls on my phone and a slew of hang-ups on my voicemail. So needless to say when my dentists hygienist called me to see how I was feeling after my surgery I was a little on edge but it was a 450 area code. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever! To call me on a Sunday when I know the clinic is closed to make sure I’m OK, talk about service! So anyway the phone rings again and once again no ID, I generally don’t as a rule pick up the phone but I had a feeling it was him…

I pick up, they hang up and low and behold about 10-15 mins later there’s someone at my door! Now I damn well know that I wasn’t expecting ANYONE because all of my friends/family have manners and not only call me before showing up, they actually talk when I answer the phone! I was sober and I was ready for that bastard! I’ll spare you all the details but needless to say he tried to pull that stunt again and he ended up with a broken nose and they arrested him at the hospital because I called the police immediately after. I got away with self defense because that’s EXACTLY what it was and he’s been charged with: assault/trespassing and entering (as in entering a private residence un-invited) there’s no such thing as a stalking law in Canada but given that this is the THIRD one I have had maybe we should change that?

So that’s over with, I feel better now. Still a tad creeped out but meh, I’ll go on with my life.  Next time I order take out from anywhere I will be sure to add under “delivery instructions”: Send a HOT pervy driver instead of an old one, k thanks.

Gave my new waterpik a spin, sucks because the water reservoir is at a rather small capacity because its the hand held model but it was interesting to use in any case. Takes a minute to get accustomed to just how this thing works but it sure is fun! Its like a hand held high pressure water gun lol. Maybe it will help save on my dental bills and if it does well $47.00 for a waterpik is a whole lot cheaper then a dental treatment that falls into the same vein and is about $500/per quadrant. Someone said I should get one of those nifty sonic care toothbrushes too but I’ll wait and ask my dentist about that one. I mean really, who wants to spend that much money on a toothbrush? They retail from anywhere to $65-100.00 But again if it will keep me out of her office more often then I’ll buy one!

Work today BLEW my mind!  Its getting busier and of course along with that comes a whole new breed of stupid people.  I ran out of patience today on several occasions!  Really I shouldn’t be allowed to work with the public,  especially if I’m in a bad mood like I was today!  Its gotten to the point that the minute someone walks in the door, I ignore them until the come up to the counter.  I am NOT a fucking waitress!  If one of my co-workers isn’t around I am NOT going to kiss your ass and tell you what the deal is.

I will be rude and pretend that you don’t exist until you make your presence known to ME first.  That’s how it works at my job, its 85% self serve.  There’s no official “wait staff” on hand to take your order.  You come to the counter, tell someone what you want and then we bring it to you.   Someone does a table check, then brings your dessert, THAT’S it!  No I will not bring your fucking coffee, its right there!  Get it yourself!  When you mutter under your breath “that’s her job” not only do I hear you, I also fight the urge to tell you to fuck off because you know what? ITS NOT MY FUCKING JOB!  I make your food, I am the executive Chef, not a waitress!   Bill? Yeah no we don’t have those either, you pay at the cash.  Reason being is because servers get really shitty minimum wage/taxed on their tips and we get paid more then that.  Which is why we have no real serving staff on hand.  Don’t know how it works? Then fucking well ask someone you doucetard! FUCK!

*end rant*

One thought on “Screw you pizza pizza!

  1. avatar The gay superhero says:

    Babe, chill! Its all good! I know how much you loathe/despise/would rather stab yourself in the forehead with a plastic fork then serve people.

    Soon it will be busy enough that someone else will be on hand to deal with the crap. Until then, smoke a joint and relax 😉 Just don’t order anymore pizza lol. I love your over excessive use of the F word, your awesome!

    Love ya! xoxo

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