I’m going to be narcissistic today…

Because its my blog and I can…  So deal with it 😉

Still sick, not as sick as I was before so that’s an improvement I suppose… I’ve gone from having a hardcore runny nose to this awesome cough.  I LOVE when that happens!  If anything its a great excuse to take some time for me and me alone.  Something I haven’t really had since Jason died.  Except my damn cell phone is going insane!  All of a sudden I’m miss popular today and truthfully its rather irritating.  There was only one person that I heard from that I actually *wanted* to hear from which was totally random because this person happened to cross my mind and then a half hour later they texted me earlier today.  Kinda creepy in a not so bad way.  Strange when someone’s in your head like that…  I suggest they get out while they still can, my mind tends to be a dirty, messy place on occasion 😉

Anyway in spite of being sick, I had a photo appointment that I had to commit to and here’s the end result:  All of which are totally un-edited as well…  I’m allowed to have my narcissistic moments right? Of course I am!

4 thoughts on “I’m going to be narcissistic today…

  1. avatar The gay superheo says:

    Jesus Christ Steph! You almost make a gay man want to go straight WOW!

    Your smoking lady 😉

  2. avatar The Gay superHERO says:

    Thanks for pointing out my typo’s hun! Don’t worry, I still love you and I miss you tons!

    • avatar Steph says:

      lol, love you and miss you too! You should come back to Montreal, you know its far more awesome here then where you are!

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