Oh man…

Or I should say oh damn!  I’m not going to elaborate, I flat out refuse to “divulge” some details on here.  But let’s just say if things work out in my favor which needless to say they haven’t thus far…


Which is just as well, seeing as how this might be my last free weekend ever.  But I shall see…  In any case, maybe this is a sign that things are looking up for once?

Stay tuned 😉

PS: CC: I just may have some decent gossip for you ha ha!

*EDIT* Whilst in the middle of a rather awesome dream at 10:30 this morning I was jarred awake by the damn phone!  Once I realized it was Dominic from one of the interviews I had I was a whole lot less pissy so I have a job trial on Sunday morning!  He told me that he tried out 2 people so far, one failed miserably and one was only half good.  I can top that or at the very least attempt to.

So today I have a few “loose ends” to tie up with a few people.  Laundry has to get done *ick* hate doing my damn laundry!  The this evening is bound to be good if I get that phone call.  I shall see!

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