Attention whores, drama queens and the gift of life…

None of which are related.  I was reading Ashley’s blog today and was astounded by how many people one of their friends was able to help because she signed her organ donor card.  72!  72 different lives were enhanced because she signed her organ donor card.  I know so many people who are totally against this for their own reasons but in all seriousness what on earth are you going to do with them?  You can’t take them with you so why not?  I don’t know how much of myself would be able to be salvaged after I go but you just never know, which is why I always sign mine.

As for attention whores and drama queens…  Someone I “know” as in they’re more of an acquaintance as opposed to a close friend  posted not one but 2 different suicide notes as their facebook status.  Which reminds me all to well of the story the boy who cried wolf. Except she’s more like the girl who cried suicide.  Part of me is thinking WTF is wrong with you!  Another part of me is saddened by her blatant misuse of social networking to get attention.  She quite obviously is in dire need of some form of help.  People who generally/typically commit suicide sadly don’t announce it.  The decision is made and they finally find the peace that they need all the while pretending that everything is fabulous.  I know that all to well, Jason did a damn fine job of convincing me that he would never ever do such a thing to hurt me and well the only reminder I have of my dear friend aside from memories is a cherish tattoo.

I really wish people would realize the cause and effect that it has on people when they pull shit like that!  Ever her RL friends told her she was totally messed up and needed help, to which I agree.  Sadly one day she just very well might commit suicide and when she really needs the help, no one will be there to help her because we/they have heard it all before.  Reminds me of a song from soul asylum: Misery :” Did you satisfy your greed, get what you need
Was it only envy, so empty

In any case she’s currently alive and well, I can only hope that those who live in the same province as her can help her get the help that she needs.  She’s a good person who’s obviously so very messed up inside.  Her brother committed suicide & I feel for her on so many different levels and of course I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her either.  *sigh* *EDIT: She’s now getting the help she needs, thank goodness!*

Anyway in other news…  I have no days off until NEXT Sunday, dear God!  I have however found that having my schedule the way it is has been a saving grace to my sanity in so many ways!  Having far more productive days around here has is benefits for sure!

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