a whole lot of WTF and reunions!

Well this weekend has been the up-most roller coaster ride straight out of hell!  Work, well what can I say work is work.  Although I have to give kudos to the new guy!  He’s my new bitch 😉  Seriously, he really is.  He’s doing a pretty great job though I have to admit!  Lots of positive changes around work which is good.  Maybe in the end we’ll all be happier!  I’ve been itching to “Steph-a-fy-” that kitchen since I started working there and I finally got the backing, go ahead and support that I need from all the bosses and owners so that’s pretty freaking awesome!

Then the other night I came home, checked my facebook and lo and behold there’s a friend request from a very dear friend of mine that sadly feel out of my life for a number of reasons.  I knew he was on FB but didn’t muster up the nerve to actually put forth the effort to “be-friend” him again.  That was the better part of 2 years ago and well he found me after 2 years of searching.  He spelled my last name wrong, which more often then not most people do.  So I guess we have been reunited once again which is nice actually!  I really missed him!  We were really close friends, and he was my rock when my life was horribly out of control in my early 20’s.  I knew I could count on him and he on me.  He was the person when you felt like you had almost no one that you could count on, let alone trust but he was always there.  I cherished that friendship and I can’t/won’t go as far to say that we can “pick up the pieces” seeing as how we live in different provinces but still nice to re-connect just the same 🙂

So while I was having a nostalgic moment  I thought I would scope out my ex just to see if B was friends with G and turns out they weren’t but then I discovered another old friend from my old life of long ago (by that I mean the 15-22yrs).   So we then played catch up and he’s doing really well too which is fabulous!  I too wondered what on earth happened to him and how he was doing.  I have to say that out of the things I don’t remember from that time period one thing I fondly recall is his going away party.  Which was the most epic toga party EVER!

Then while looking for something in my other not too often used e-mail address I got an e-mail from Jeremie whom I pretty much assumed that I wouldn’t have anything to do with him because I apparently gave him the wrong impression about something inadvertently & unintentionally before and at least he was man enough to tell me as opposed to some people who just figure that they can ignore me and that’s that…  But I’m saving that for last…  Anyway he e-mailed me 5 days ago and I still had his number in my old cell phone so I figured since my other plans totally fell through,  why not give him a call.  So we ended up hanging out from about 9-ish til midnight so that was OK I guess.  Granted I had my head up my ass the whole time he was here…  Mostly because I was pissed at Micheal.  But whatever, at least my night wasn’t a total loss.  Granted it could have been better… meh, whatever.0  I just really hate when people waste my time like that!

So you know what Micheal, your a fool.  Honestly, that’s all I have to say.  Its not my fault that you thought I was beautiful (even though I think you should stay off the crack) and for some reason couldn’t comprehend that God forbid I actually liked you, for you, as a person.  So apparently you couldn’t have been looking that forward to seeing me.  In any case, everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe that.  Seeing as how getting that tattoo in a way gave me my life back I am grateful for that.  However you stomping all over my feelings like that, yeah you totally deserve a punch in the face for that one.  I guess I really am too good for you.

So seeing as how they will never get to see my tattoo full on in person, this is for you Micheal.  Thanks for nufin but an awesome tattoo idea!  The quality sucks because my camera’s being super pissy of course and I don’t have my editing software on here to at least adjust the colors and remove the visible noise.  But here it is in any case!

The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference. Love and hate are merely reflected images harnessing the same passion to adversarial positions. 

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