And so…

I had something conjured up in my mind to actually post here but now I’m having a some-timers moment. 😉  Cleavage burn is almost all cleared up, I just about damn near died when Brad asked me what that was lol.  I love him, I’m so happy he found me again.  He’s just so damn sweet, too bad I don’t live in Ontario anymore…  Umm maybe that’s a good thing?  In any case he’s coming to visit me in the spring.  I’d love to go to Ontario to see him again like right now but c’est la vie.  He was just such an awesome friend in so many ways.

You know what IS a good thing? No more PMS,  OMFG  I hate hormones!  I do however love my friends who would be willing to fight for me til the bitter end.  Pending of course they don’t take it too far…  Needles to say, you piss me off there’s going to be at least another 100 angry people following…  Pissing me off while I have PMS is pretty much equal to a death wish.

Big changes on the work horizon!  We changed our menu added some awesome new things, and took away some stuff that just didn’t make the cut.  Other things will be happening but I can’t/won’t post it on here.  Doing yet another brownie trial for work, the ones we have now just aren’t that good.  So I’m going to do my best to kick it up a few notches and make some killer brownies!  The first trial I did really did little for me, they were too dense and the flavor, well that left something to be desired.  Which surprised me since I used pretty high quality chocolate.  So trying it out again, but a different recipe this time around.  Also D and I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as inappropriate conversation or work place harassment if your in a kitchen ( a professional one).  Last week I had the most epic fit of rage ever when 2 douche bags came in a 5 minutes to fucking closing and I was PISSED, I also made no effort to hide it.  Yeah I got in shit for that one.  Oops my bad!

Did I mention how awesome my Sunday night turned out to be? Well it was 😉  Love when things just work out like that!

Random observation: there’s a lot of bad tattoos in porn.  I mean really bad.  I of course notice these things lol.

3 thoughts on “And so…

  1. avatar Ania says:

    totally irreleveant but… there’s gonna be Body Type 2 book published in March or so;

  2. avatar Steph says:

    Really? Awesome 🙂

  3. avatar Ania says:

    yes! I think I’ll pre-order it just to tease you 😛

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