Come again? Tales of woe, drama and useless junk…

You know, my life is epic.  Truly, there’s never a dull moment and when there is I tend to cherish them.  Kind of like good people in my life…  Someone said to me the other day:”Is every guy you know (or been involved with, something to that effect) an ass?” To which I simply replied it would seem like that wouldn’t it?  Except he’s not (YAY, well at least not yet).  Oddly enough I got to thinking to myself would I appreciate him for who he is nearly as much as I do had I not encountered such douche-baggery through the years?  Likely not, but who am I to say?  Everything does happen for a reason does it not?  OH yeah speaking of douche-bags, I just about damn near lost it yesterday when I turned my phone back on after trekking all across Montreal yesterday afternoon to find my text message in-box flooded with messages from Micheal.  Micheal who has his own tag on my blog (mostly because he’s the only person I know who uses the word wow so much) and he’s also the guy who stood me up and pissed me right. the. fuck. off.Gives me the weakest reasoning behind why I haven’t heard from him in two months, yes that’s right TWO months.  That was the biggest insult of all!  Honestly, I wasn’t born yesterday, please don’t insult my intelligence like that!

I call bullshit, because really, I have several e-mail accounts (don’t ask I just do) and he has the two that I generally utilize the most.  So did he leave his laptop with said person who had his phone too?  I have a really hard time believing that.  You see he’s been dropping in and out of my life like a damn yo-yo.  I finally put my foot down and said this is it, you pull some stunt like that again and your done.  I know people are busy, we ALL have lives.  blah blah blah…  However after such a long period of time why bother?  It was made quite clear to me that apologizing wasn’t his intention(he even went as far to say that there was no apology in his message(s) to me), yet he felt “I had the right to know & what I’m(meaning me) thinking isn’t true”.  So obviously he still cares.  Awe how sweet, guess what?  I DON’T.  As in care.  Regardless of whether your sorry or not, its too late to apologize anyway.  You won’t ever have the best of me.  I have chosen to move on.  I made a promise to myself and anyone who truly knows me, knows that I don’t make promises that I have no intentions of keeping. NEXT!

So yesterday morning,  I woke up exceptionally early to call our payroll company to see about getting a new cheque cut and getting the other one stopped from going through (now I really hope someone tries to cash it lol).  I also had a job interview to go to at 12:30 as well.  Anyway, she was on the other line, so I leave her a message to call me back.  I wait an hour, started getting ready in the meantime for my interview.  Finally reach her and she told me that she doesn’t talk to the employee’s.  Fair enough, but could you had at least the simple courtesy of calling ME and telling me as much?  In any case she asked me if I minded coming in and signing the paperwork and she would give me a new one on the spot SCORE!  Otherwise the hassles set forth would have been beyond epic.  However I didn’t realize how freaking far their office was from my house, let alone from my interview which was on the other side of town (23 metro stops in case you were wondering).  So I went to my interview first, which went really well.  Took a whole lot longer then I had anticipated but I like the idea!  Its for a Chef position in a privately run daycare in TMR (Town of Mount Royal for my non Mtl readers).  So we’ll see about that!  So anyway after my interview, then running around to grab my pay, the bank, then I dashed off to work for the longest 11 hours shift ever.  Its reading week, so most students aka the largest portion of our customer database are gone.

Needless to say, things have been pretty slow around work.  We got a little busy for a while and I was too tired and in no mood to deal with it.  So I got to leave at 11pm YAY!  However I needed to have a meeting with the boys since no one who was in charge would be around on line to actually close.  So I told the guys to call me if they needed something.  So Jose says to me, well what if I can’t sleep?  I said call me, I’ll tell you a story lol.  Freeman never plays along.  You see, I flirt with everyone at work in a very sarcastic fashion.  Takes the edge off the BS, we all get a god laugh out of it and it boosts morale.  Freeman occasionally comes up with a few one liners but more often then not he gets all tight assed like.  Except for today, he was being mouthy and I said STFU Freeman your going down, he fires back “not on you” I was impressed.  Doesn’t matter, don’t need him for that anyway 😉

2 thoughts on “Come again? Tales of woe, drama and useless junk…

  1. avatar Dominic says:

    Awe Steph!
    Never a dull moment with you now is there? Ha ha love ya girl, try and keep it sane Bella!

  2. avatar Steph says:

    Yeah try, being the operative word… 😉

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