Stressed NO MORE!

My phone was ringing off the hook last night in a metaporical sense since I have a cell phone. I love all my former co-workers save for the odd one that drove me nuts, but you get one in every crowd.

I don’t miss my job but I will most certainly miss the people that I work with, the sly comments and the outlandish in-appropriate ones as well. That’s ok because I can at the very least still stay in touch with them and that’s all that matters. You work with someone and after a while they become your friend and you really are interested in what goes on in their life.

Don’t feel sorry for me, i’ll always find a way to land on my own two feet and that’s all that matters. No slacking off for me, I already started looking for a new job in the event that the one I was offered doesn’t pan out for a while.

Do I really want to go back to cooking again FUCK NO! But that’s the one thing that I was exceptioanlly good at and will be again. I have bills to pay, at least the company I used to work for has to give me two weeks severance since I worked there so long.

Kitchen life drives me nuts, especially picky customers and servers who just can’t seem to get it together. I love when customers say I don’t want something random in my food and proclaim some wierd allergy. Now don’t get me wrong, I wholly respect food allergies for what they are because I have my own. No if you don’t want 10 out of the 15 items listed in your main dish then for the love of God order something else! No not every place that I worked at had standards, most of them don’t in some form or another.

Oh yeah and on a funny side note as I was getting fired yesterday I was told that they (they meaning higher level management) was stuck dealing with it (my blog) all day. That’s interesting cos while talking to a friend at a aprox 5pm my blog had only gotten 16 hits. Furthermore those aren’t induvidual unigue hits either, I can sit here for hours and hit the refresh button and that counts as a hit. So whenever I edit my blog or re-post that counts as a hit. So i’m inclined to think that most of those “hits” in the begining were mine…

Nice try, but i’m not foolish enough to buy into that bullshit!

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