So i’m quite popular…

Had a fabulous day yesterday, aside from that whole e-mail thing!  Went out for lunch and shopping with Miss Jen and then hung out with her and her future hubby for a bit.  I love how its totally acceptable for me to wear my fuzzy pink hello kitty jammie pants & my HK t-shirt so long as I’m wearing heels to their wedding in May.  I’m classy like that 😉  Then I went to Jolly Roger’s where Jeff was being his usual thorn in my side/pain in my ass/makes me want to stab myself in the forehead with a plastic fork charming self.  Gil wasn’t there but I made an appointment for April anyway, fingers crossed I have money ha ha!  Then I dashed off to see Krystal for a few hours at her place.  Which was nice, it was good to catch up with her.  I miss our morning coffee/gab fests, when we used to work together.  I despise being texted to death though, got my plan back but Jesus Christ if I’m busy & can’t get back to you right that second chill the fuck out!  Girl needs her space yo & if you (meaning anyone) ain’t willing to give it to me, then my ass will runneth far, far away from you.

Murphy’s law, the minute you get a job, everyone and their mother is on the phone to you asking for interviews.  I’ll call them back and see what kind of offer is on the table.  I’m on a temporary 30 day contract with the daycare so we’ll see what happens.  I know I can swing two jobs with the hours I have there & if they offer more money then where I am currently then we’ll see what happens.  Don’t have proper ID for the background check to go through, which is very specific.  Basically they want to see if I have a federal record (which I don’t) or anything violent, fraud/theft related and most important of all if I’m a registered sex offender or not.  Which I of course have to pay for ($63.00), also had to shell out $50.00 for an infant/child specific CPR course which I don’t mind too much because that could come in handy.  Highly unlikely, but you never know.  Its also required by law due to the fact that I am working a facility with children.  Oh and lets not forget my expedited birth certificate.  Which is kind of my own fault.  My last one was “misplaced” and  by misplaced I know where it is, but the chances of me getting it are nil.

Stupid thing is, I applied for a replacement months ago but it didn’t go through and its slipped my mind since then.  So of course now that I need it like yesterday I had to have it expedited.  Its an extra $30.00 but whatever, at least I’ll have it in 5 business days as opposed to 15 and the sooner I have it, the better.  So I better keep this damn job since its costing me a small fortune to work there.  At least I get to keep my copy of the background search, which could come in handy somewhere later on in life.  The CPR certification is always good to have and so is my birth certificate.  I don’t mind spending the money because its all useful. I just don’t have a lot of it to be throwing around these days.  Then again, who does really?  Although I have never had a job that’s cost me so much money either.  Isn’t the whole purpose behind working to make money while there?  Anyway…

In any case the job in itself isn’t bad.  Had some communication barriers with the woman I am taking over for being French and knowing basic English and vice/versa but we managed.  Monday is going to overwhelmingly suck because I’m at the other place from 5pm-1am and have to be at the daycare at 7:30 in the morning the following day.  Being at work that early is something that I am far from being accustomed to, that’s for damn sure!  So things are going to be all kinds of crazy while I settle into my new routine and all that stuff.  Working there will be good for me on several levels.  No more insane stress, weekends off, early days, healthier eating habits, paid sick days (3 but better then nothing!) and two weeks paid vacation as well.

Going to see about getting glasses today, made an appointment for Saturday.  I hate wearing my contacts for several reasons so I rarely do.  I did find a killer pair of frames that are free when you buy the lenses YAY!  Its been years since my last eye exam so I’m thinking I should get that out of the way before I cancel my insurance.  I also got my first commission cheque from Cafe press the other day YAY!  That was actually pretty freaking awesome!  Ugh my damn phone is ringing off the freaking hook since I go here!  I had several voice mail messages on my phone when I got home & people have been calling me since and you know, I really don’t feel like talking to people, let alone from area codes that I don’t know where they’re from.  Anyway, have a niggling sense of dread  for the past few days, can’t quite put my finger on it.  Which is bothersome to me…  I hate that particular feeling.  Anyway forgive me for not being around in the next little while, have so much to do!

3 thoughts on “So i’m quite popular…

  1. avatar Ania says:

    guess who’s getting microdermals on April 1?!
    wrist, of course, cuz I’m unoriginal like that! if they set in well, I’ll think about a few more somewhere else.

  2. avatar Steph says:

    I’m debating microdermals. I miss my labret something awful!

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