My Vagina

NO really, I am writing a blog post about my vag & other things I got sidetracked in places OK? Funny story about my vagina, I called it a bagina when I was small.  I know, so cute makes you want to go squee right?  Perhaps not but whatever.  Anyway, I volunteered my lady bits to partake in an art book.  Not I, just my vag.  Its called the uvula project & its all about vagina’s and lots of them.  Not just mine.  Although perhaps a book starring my vagina would be kind of cool.  Although, I can only think of one person who might appreciate that.  Perhaps not, he could be dead for all I know.  Which would suck on so. many. levels.  I digress however, after all we were talking about my vagina right?

Anyway today is that day.  I’m tired, cranky, bloated and stuff.  My vagina, well that was a  little whole lot of cranky too.  That was one of the main reason(s) I had to make the painful decision to say no to catching up Thursday night (which I would have loved to do) oh and my sleep schedule was so fubar’ed that it also would have been a bad idea.  Which was too bad, they had stories to share.  I like other people’s stories, they’re interesting.  Maybe I’ll still get to hear them & talk about something other then what a train wreck my life is for a change.  I like knowing more about people, but I don’t generally ask a lot of questions unless the mood strikes me because I hate to pry.  Perhaps not (as in have the opportunity)?  Which would also suck 🙁  Oh there I go being all moody again.  ANYWAY (I know, get on with it right?) as I was saying…

Back to my vag…  Darren texted me not too long ago asking if I could come in at 4pm instead of 5pm tonight because he’s hungover from his birthday really sick.  Lucky for him, I was on my way back from my eye Dr’s appointment (holy fuck my vision is terrifyingly bad!) anyhow I said that I had a photo shoot at 2pm which I do.  Even though I accidentally told someone I’d go to the museum with them (oops, sorry!) because it slipped my mind that today was photograph my vagina day.  I love that museum though, hopefully they’re still down with going (can’t believe they’ve never been there!) anyway off topic again.  Yeah I’m a little distracted, but can’t help it.  mmmm  Anyway… Darren said thanks & said photo shoot eh?  I said yeah, its for an art book about vagina’s.  I’m getting my vag photographed.   I was kinda surprised with his response expecting something along the lines of: thanks Steph I didn’t need to know that (no one does really) but he said” oh yeah? Amazing.” Heh, who knew.  I love how I can say things like that to my boss.

So I’m going, even though I feel like a cow I mean beached whale, lets just say UN-attractive OK?  After I shower, lets hope I don’t give myself razor burn or slice up my labia.  They need Nair for this sort of thing (perhaps they already do?)  I’ll finish this when I get back from work tonight.  Which is where I’m headed after this shoot.  When I really wish someone would shoot me in the head, instead of my vag with a camera.  In other news, my eyelashes look awesome right now!  Oh & I bought glasses today!  Yay for free frame promotions (retail $269.00) my lenses weren’t that much.  Thankfully my insurance covers most of it.  The frames are awesome!  Was going to get black ones, they looked good but a little too severe on my pasty pale face.  So I went with the same one’s only in a toned down antique silver.  Darren was right, I totally rock the librarian look, you know the sexy one 😉

So work was a snooze fest…  Got invited to a party tonight but I switched shifts (not closing anymore!) and I feel like ass & far from social so I’m going to bed soon instead.  Anyway back to my vagina…  Which is exceptionally photogenic by the way.  All went well, wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about doing this overall however when your comfortable enough to sit there with no pants on then I’m thinking your good right?  Totally not creepy at all, which is obviously a GOOD thing.  We also discussed future endeavors, I’m excited about that.  I really like his work, which for me is rather strange.  After all you will always be your own worst critic yet I liked all of them but I obviously loved some of them.  There wasn’t one on my don’t you dare show that to anyone list, insanity I know right!?!  Seriously though, was great working with him and given the opportunity I would do so again.

Interestingly enough we were talking about some of the people he’s worked with & just how emotional this was for some of these women and you know at first I didn’t totally put two & two together.  Granted I myself had a very personal set of reasons for doing this, which I will save for another day.  Mostly because that’s one demon that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet.  There were others as well, only one of which I will freely speak of.   Then all of a sudden, I got it.  A lot of these woman were abused in some form or another, much like myself.  Domestic violence is extremely hard to comprehend unless you’ve actually been there.  Its easy to be on the outside looking in and say WTF? Why don’t you just walk away?  Its really not that simple.  I will however save that for another day.  Anyway for me after I left him, it was my tattoos that helped me feel like I had my life back, that I had gained control of my own mind/body & soul.  I and I alone had control and there was nothing that he could said or do as I was on the path of self reclamation.  For them and perhaps for me as well, it was doing something that you wanted to do, that you felt you could do because its yours to do with.  After all IMHO that is the most intimate place on a woman’s body, therefore its sacred.  Allowing a complete stranger to photograph it & publish it is pretty huge.  There are no words that can describe the enormity of what that can mean to some people.

Its amazing and incredible yet totally understood by me how something seemingly so simple can be so profound.  It is art, its tastefully done and a really unique project in and of itself.  Giving a woman a piece of herself /life back, is a beautiful thing.  You can’t put a price on that.

7 thoughts on “My Vagina

  1. avatar Dominic says:

    That’s awesome! Can I see the pictures 😉

  2. avatar Steph says:

    Yeah, if you buy the book cheap ass 😉

  3. avatar The Gay superhero says:

    Well, we’ll know which one is yours lol
    How many people have the word evil tattooed on their vag?
    Only you Steph, only you! 😉

  4. avatar Vulva 101 says:

    Thanks Steph! I’m glad you enjoyed being part of my project too!

    And yes you do have a VPV (very photogenic vulva). 😉

  5. avatar HawkX says:

    hehe that was a VERY nice read… 🙂

    I came here from Fetlife “Vulva101 project page”… Its actually funny cause my girlfriend also went to do the shoot when he was in Montreal… and i was right beside them both in the room… we even played a little bit afterward! hehe…

    Was extremely friendly and professional… we had lots of fun! 🙂

    And even though im only a breast guy, he does manage to put style and art in his pictures! 😉

    Have a nice day!

  6. avatar Cherry says:

    Hylton was very professional and comfortable to be around, I thought. I also was photographed for the Vulva 101 Project. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I brought a friend along and I had an awesome time!

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