Jesus Christ can I ever get a break? Having to divulge my “dirty laundry” to my boss was one thing (more on that in a minute) discovering I have allergies from hell? That’s taking it to a whole NEW kind of low. I rarely have allergic reactions to anything. My sister is deathly allergic to bee’s, to the point that she has to carry an epi pen. Let me tell you, the thought of stabbing myself in the thigh with anything, much less a needle holds 0 appeal. In any case I pretty much know when I have an allergic reaction coming on and what things to avoid now. Such as this which sucks balls because Tiramisu is my favorite thing of all time!  In spite of the fact from eating that particular brand I almost died.  Brought on by Anaphylactic shock .  Me being rather ignorant about food allergies at the time, didn’t realize how foolhardy I was being.  So lucky me I am not only blessed with asthma but anaphylaxis too.

So enter Sunday, had plans with him to do stuff and as soon as I got out of the shower, I felt my ears and neck start to burn and itch (first sign of a reaction for me) as soon as I got into my room and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why.   While I know allergies can creep up out of no-where, especially in the event that you introduce yourself to something new.  However nothing was “new” the food I had consumed that day were old favorites of mine, the shower items I used were also favorites of mine.   It wasn’t until I was waiting for him to come pick me up that I knew I was going into mild anapylatic shock from something.  I was eating ice cream & watching TV when the back of my throat started to itch and swell.  Not in a OMFGIMGOINGTOSTOPBREATHINGANYSECOND now kind of way, more so in a dammit I’ve been down this road before and I was hoping not to return kind of way.

So I took one of his allergy pills “just in case“, told him what was going on and made sure I had my health care card on my person as well.  I didn’t feel right, but I thought it, whatever it was, would pass.  I was wrong, dead wrong!

The following day when I woke up, I was about 5 mins away from work and all of a sudden, that God awful feeling came back.  Then the hives came, OMFG I HATE HIVES!  Polite society doesn’t deem it appropriate to scratch your ass in public and let me tell you, that huge hive on my left butt cheek was begging for attention.  Yeah I know scratching them only makes them worse.  Thankfully these seem to be pretty localized to a few hidden locations.  Unlike the last time when those suckers sprouted up all over my entire body.  You’ve never experienced hives to the fullest extent until you have them between your toes, in your mouth and well every nook, cranky & crevice you body has to offer.

So I’ve been breaking out at random now.  On the way to work, taking the metro to and from work (only during certain times of the day mind you) so the variables are rather huge.  I did a spot test on the inside of my elbow for the perfume I’ve been wearing and my laundry soap as well to rule them out and so far so good.  So now to rule out a few other things, although I think its environmental.  Mostly because it comes on and out, out of no-where!  So its either seasonal or my cats are the culprits.  Either of which would suck since allergy meds make me pretty damn drowsy.  I want to sleep. Right. Now. kinda drowsy so I can’t take them in the “real world” and expect to function normally.

Could be stress…

My job has been hanging rather precariously in the balance since my background check came back with some “questionable” information on it.  Information that is disclosed to me and me alone.  Information that is thankfully not pertinent to my job, however the ministry of education has the final say.  Yes I have a criminal record, that’s not a fact I am proud of but its there.  Not to mention really, really old…  Thankfully my boss likes me quite a bit and wants me to stay.  However if they say I have to go, I have to leave that day and that’s it.  What makes me the most angry about having utter and complete strangers delve into my private life is two things:

  1. I had no choice but to own up to my boss just how unsavory my past really is.  Some of which, much to my chagrin, I didn’t even need to tell her.  She is however being non judgmental towards me about the whole situation but rightfully concerned just the same.  After all it is her business and I have nothing but total respect for that.
  2. My YO record (young offender) bubbled to the surface.  Which isn’t that big of deal, aside from the fact that its NOT supposed to!  This is a violation of MY rights and I will be doing something about it.  That information is supposed to be protected under the young offenders act and well that’s been proven to me to be a total and utter lie.  So needless to say there is no love lost between the RCMP and myself.

So I shall find out soon what the deal is with my job.  In the meantime I really hope these hives clear up.  I am going to see a Dr. about it, because like I said, its not proper to scratch your ass in public 😉

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