Nagging bitches, my book & Karma.

Yes some posts I can be bothered to separate, but not today. After all, it’s Monday and I’m tired.  For this, I blame Karma. I was teasing someone last night about how I don’t have to get up stupid early in the morning to go to work like they do (still early none the less) and I was going to text them in the morning for the sheer purpose of rubbing it in that I A: just woke up (after him) B: was still in bed. Yeah well, that was a lovely thought.  I woke up around 4:45-ish and my first thought was sonofabitch! Of course I had to pee. Then, you’d think I’d be able to go back to sleep, but no not really.  It was one of those drifting in and out of sleep moments that aren’t really satisfying. Although I still got to lounge around in bed, which is warm, cozy and uber comfy in my jammies. So damn right I sent that text, to which I was informed that I missed the sun rise that morning. I’m sure it was beautiful and pondering that comment briefly after I woke up I thought to myself, yeah fuck that I catch enough sunrises in the dead of winter. You know when it’s dark until 8am :p So that’s that. He clearly won that round!  Needless to say, I won’t be saying that again.

Nagging bitches: I don’t get it! Why on earth do some people (usually woman, I hate to stereotype but they do exist for a reason) feel that nagging someone endlessly will garner results? It’s really, really fucking irritating! STOP IT! I work with someone who thinks that by constantly harping on your ass, about things that are of NO concern to them none the less; will make a difference. Personal cheerleader my ass. Jesus Christ, leave me and the countless other people you annoy the shit out of alone!  There are some things that *I* feel should be of no involvement of others, especially at work and my boss agrees with me.  Granted there are some things that you need to get on my ass about until I give them to you.  IE: the menu, the milk order.  Because I occasionally forget those things and the reminder is helpful and usually welcome. However when you’re getting on my case about how I choose to live my life, especially when we only have a working relationship? Drop dead.  I don’t care how you justify it to yourself in your mind, you are not my mom, I am not burger king, therefore you can not have it your way!  Because of her (especially because of her) I can totally understand and relate to why men hate woman who nag incessantly.  It gives me a headache!

In other news, I’m working on making food porn v 2.0 become a reality.  Going to purchase the ISBN and the whole nine yards for this one I think.  Essentially I plan to do an edit of the original one and make some more grown up modifications to the recipes themselves.  Stephanie’s secret’s, which became the working title (thanks to a clients suggestion) has officially sold out and while I could do a second printing, it’s a costly investment and unless I have enough people willing to do pre-sale on it, I won’t bother with it.  It’s a little known fact that my self published book titled food porn really does exist.  There’s only three copies of it period. It’s what one might say a collectors item, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Funny enough, I was paging through it earlier and clearly my proof reading skills need some work, as does my grammar >.< I was in a rush to get it printed because I wanted it ready as a gift for someone’s birthday. Clearly that wasn’t my best idea!  However, when Stephanie’s secrets came to life in a gorgeous 8.5×11 format thanks to Maggie’s dedication, formatting and editing skills and her printing team at Wynterblue publishing it looks amazing!  Except this time, I want it to be in a hardcover format. Sadly, they don’t offer the type of cover & binding I need for this project but I might get them to once again rock out the printing of the book & have it sent to another company to be bound.

We’ll see. In any case, let it be known that the hardcover edition will also be limited and we’re working on the cover art right now, thanks to the help of a photographer friend.

One thought on “Nagging bitches, my book & Karma.

  1. avatar Don says:

    Don’t worry about the naggard/s. Karma catches up with its due and it can be quite deadly. Just go quietly about your day….

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