This is what I’ve been up to lately.

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What keeps me busy…

Has also been keeping me sane.

My boss asked me once how I know how to do all the stuff that I do.  Necessity is the mother of invention for one thing and not only that, I am a doer and a thinker.  I’m also exceptionally smart and I work with my hands.  I have yet to meet a Chef (including myself) who couldn’t at least “MacGyver” something to make it work until we could call in a professional.  I’m also an artist.  Life isn’t one dimensional to me and instead of being a princess and throwing my hands up in the air saying “OMFG THIS IS BROKEN SOMEONE COME FIX IT” My first thought that usually comes to mind is:

How can I fix/do this myself?

Being in a creative industry also helps.  I use several forms of raw materials and turn them into something else.  Sometimes they’re brilliant, sometimes they’re a total train wreck.  However, I learn and keep on learning because I enjoy my independence and the ability to do things for me simply because I can.  I do not relish in being helpless and weak (either mentally or physically) and will try just about anything once.

Including chocolate beer.  Which was a mistake needless to say…

But I digress.

The best part of being a Chef?

Having one kick ass imagination!


Back to the grind…

I haven’t been updating much.  Although I do a fair amount of contributing over here when the mood strikes me.

I’m doing OK.  Things are looking up for the most part, although I am SO sick of the weather around here!  That in and of itself is seriously depressing.  Today was all dark, slushy and horribly gross.  Tomorrow?  Supposed to freeze (-29) and then by Thursday +8, I’m so damn excited!  It’s going to feel like summer!  WOO HOO

So lately while trying to emerge from the slump I’ve been in, I’ve turned to food.  In a positive way.  As in baking the crap out of everything when the mood strikes me.  I’ve invented about a dozen new cookies (made lots of new friends who get to eat said goodies heh) and have really gotten into cake baking/ decorating/sculpting as of late.  I’d like to take a few classes one of these days, but they’re rather hard to find in these parts.  So I’m mostly totally self taught when it comes to this stuff.

Thank God for the internet.


I find so much awesome, helpful stuff on here!  At least when it comes to cake decorating and finding ways to make me laugh.  Art & laughter=cheap therapy.  I wish I could afford to get tattooed more these days, it’s an awesome release and I have so much UN-finished work that’s making me crazy!  However I have sought comfort and solace in making edible art and not so much edible art.  To coin a phrase from Shannon:”There’s an art cupboard in the hospital for a reason” I happen to agree.

Even if you have no talent or very little in an artistic type of way, it’s very freeing.

So is laughter.

It truly IS the best medicine.  Rick Mercer is HILARIOUS!  I’ve laughed so hard I’ve almost cried.

I’m pretty sure that man saved my life.

For real.

So laugh, be creative and most importantly: be true to yourself.  Be honest and don’t be afraid to share the burden of your pain, you’d be surprised at who comes to your rescue when you least expect it.

Especially when you need it the most.