Fear & loathing

no, not in Vegas.  Here in the privacy of my own home as I sit here and contemplate a few things.  The meaning of life not being one of those things.  Everyone has fears, some of them completely and utterly irrational to most people.  However if that fear resonates inside of you, its very real.  I can recall a few times from my early teenage years that the most devastating thing that could ever happen to you would be to get pregnant.  Sitting in the clinic waiting to pee in some cup because that’s the free option (those damn tests cost a fortune), in spite of the looks you know your going to get from the nurse.  The fear that courses through your veins while waiting 15 mins for the lab to process your test, praying to anyone/someone that your not going to fall prey to teenage pregnancy.  I got lucky in that regard, I never got pregnant while I was a teenager.

I’m not an irresponsible person, especially when it comes to sex.  Things happen, mistakes happen, guys pull stupid stunts like oh it broke so I took it off.  Really?  Well here’s another one, in spite of my being on the pill for what feels like forever.  Plan B is a God send for those situations, which I have thankfully only had twice in the past 31 years.  The first time I was 18, you needed a prescription from the doctor.  Christ that made me sick!  No I don’t believe that plan B is the ultimate form of birth control because its not.  However when faced with these situations its nice to have a “plan B” as opposed to waiting to see if you get your period or not.  Now in most provinces you can get it without a prescription, that’s a good thing in some regards.  Yes I guess in a way it could be a double edged sword but in the same token its less taxing on clinics and our heath care system overall.  People tend to run to a clinic or the ER for nonsense things such as a runny nose or things such as plan B.   Yes I am guilty of doing one of those things, but as a teenager/young adult I didn’t care have those options that we do now.

There’s a different level of terror that comes with sitting in your bathroom with that test in your hand watching and waiting for something to happen.  Waiting until your late for some people isn’t an option, especially if your on the pill.  Why?  Because your period isn’t real.  Which is precisely why when your on the pill you can skip those 7 day sugar pills and move onto the next pack period free.  So says my OBGYN anyway, haven’t tried that yet.  Mostly because of the whole cost thing, they’re not expensive by any means but still.  Being under QC’s health care which includes drug benefits, they only allow you to refill your script 12x through the year and my Dr. only gives me 6 months at a time.  Whereas skipping those would mean I need at least 2 extra packs a year to make up for them.

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My Vagina

NO really, I am writing a blog post about my vag & other things I got sidetracked in places OK? Funny story about my vagina, I called it a bagina when I was small.  I know, so cute makes you want to go squee right?  Perhaps not but whatever.  Anyway, I volunteered my lady bits to partake in an art book.  Not I, just my vag.  Its called the uvula project & its all about vagina’s and lots of them.  Not just mine.  Although perhaps a book starring my vagina would be kind of cool.  Although, I can only think of one person who might appreciate that.  Perhaps not, he could be dead for all I know.  Which would suck on so. many. levels.  I digress however, after all we were talking about my vagina right?

Anyway today is that day.  I’m tired, cranky, bloated and stuff.  My vagina, well that was a  little whole lot of cranky too.  That was one of the main reason(s) I had to make the painful decision to say no to catching up Thursday night (which I would have loved to do) oh and my sleep schedule was so fubar’ed that it also would have been a bad idea.  Which was too bad, they had stories to share.  I like other people’s stories, they’re interesting.  Maybe I’ll still get to hear them & talk about something other then what a train wreck my life is for a change.  I like knowing more about people, but I don’t generally ask a lot of questions unless the mood strikes me because I hate to pry.  Perhaps not (as in have the opportunity)?  Which would also suck 🙁  Oh there I go being all moody again.  ANYWAY (I know, get on with it right?) as I was saying…

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Time killer

Let’s test your memory shall we?
Oh fuck.

Did you sleep alone the last two nights?
Yep, I generally do.

How long was your last phone conversation you had?
about 15 seconds

Who was it with?
Pete’s voice-mail

Are you starting to realize anything?
Four things you can’t recover: The stone…after the throw. The word…after it’s said. The occasion…after it’s missed. The time…after it’s gone.

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The surreal life & stuff

OK day number two at the daycare, I’m the executive Chef in case you were wondering.  Even my friends think this is hilarious…  Read:

“Would I be correct saying you are working in a daycare? And if I am that is nearly as scary as me working in a daycare.” No doubt Shane, no doubt ha ha!

“Day Care….now that is totally different, I think you will be good at it…” At least my best friend has faith in me, that’s why I love her!  <3 Corrine!

Yeah me of all people in a day care, even I think that’s strange not entirely my deal but I like the predictability of it all.  I’m not against change but I am against drama and stress…  Kids need routine, so do I (at least at work, kinda).  So it kinda works out for us both.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate kids, birth control failures adorable children under the age of 5.  Nor do I have an issue with giving your child a bitching, cool ass, name.  I like being unique, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer.  Always.  I also try not to be judgmental, judge not lest ye be judged and all that.  However I have to wonder what on earth goes through people’s minds when picking a name for their child that’s so out there.  So out there in fact that it belongs in outer space.

Jupiter & Neptune.  There are children in the day care who are named after planets.  I can think of two children who just might end up hating their parents when they grow up.  Perhaps not.  OK yes there’s Venus Williams, lets not forget the Venus fly trap.  Not a tennis buff, but that plant is pretty freaking sweet!  Also a Greek goddess However Venus is also a planet.  Not only that, Venus rhymes with penis.  However sporting a Medusa tattoo myself, I can see the correlation behind naming your child Venus.    Jupiter & Neptune though?  Perhaps their parents are astronauts?  Possible astronomers or something?  At least they didn’t name them Uranus like one of my friends pointed out.  Here’s what my peanut gallery had to say about the whole thing:
Tammy: “I know of another girl named Jupiter Jane…okay…but NEPTUNE?” (that has the Jetsons written ALL over it)
Babette:” At least it wasn’t Uranus!” (my thoughts exactly!)
Darcy:”lol” (coffee almost came out my nose when I made that discovery this morning)
Josh:”Haha, why do they do it!?
…growing up is tough enough without being named after a planet!! lol xXx” (yeah I know, hello!)
James:“Yeah but when he turns out to be the head of a major corporation, and she’s either some type of hippie therapist/social worker or psychic they won’t seem so odd. It’s nominative deteinism in action!” (OK there’s always one, that’s OK because I wouldn’t expect anything less from him 😉 lol)
Jaime:”gah! I thought Pyper was an odd name…thankfully my daughters name has become more popular these days!” (OK first of all, at least it applies to your heritage Jaime and its lovely & unique. I like it!)
Melanie:”What about the parents in the States who named their son Adolf Hitler? They thought it was wonderful…. Children’s Aid didn’t, and little Adolf Hitler Campbell and his younger sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell were “removed from the home”. Those parents are winners!” (there are no words…)
Fallon:”I know a Rainbow Cloud :)” (see that’s hippy chic, I can at least respect that!  Or one hell of a raver name)
Lindsay:this is great! lmao….my friend named her kid Treasure….Stripper pole here she comes (I feel compelled to agree with that)

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