Starting anew…

I’ll be the first one to admit that i’m pretty bad at keeping up with any blog I have ever had.  I still have one that I semi-contribute to  but that’s (at least in my opinion) most worked based stuff that’s geared towards the horrors of culinary life and smartass bitching and carrying on about whatever I feel compelled to bitch about that day.

I did at one point maintain an IAM page, but that too has lost its luster for me (long before Rachel took it upon herself to TOS me) and I felt myself updating there less and less and the “community” as a whole for me really lost its appeal and was only keeping it around for networking purposes only.

Anyway, moving along…  This is just for me and me alone, to post whatever the hell I feel like!  Thankfully its the long weekend this weekend so I get an extra day off this week YAY!  Nothing like having three days off in a row 🙂  Maybe I can finally get some work done for once.  I’ve been slacking off terribly in that department I must admit, but my motivation to get things down has fallen to the wayside for a number of reasons.

Mostly because of me and partly because I need to get my staff organized and start “assinging” tasks so that this gets up and running faster then I would on my own.  In any case I got some things taken care of on my own.  I’m rather impressed with myself for doing as much!  Somewhat goes with the saying if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself and so that’s how its going to go (for some things at least)!

Today was nice, John came over for brunch and we just hung out and watched TV and took a nap on my couch this afternoon and had dinner later on.  I can’t wait until its actually warmer out so that its a better incentive to actually go outside for a change!

Sometime this weekend I have to finish off the re-upholstering of my couch and the bench in my living room and start spring cleaning too.  My biggest priority though  is getting more work done on my site.  I decided that CSS is the way to go, as opposed to HTML.  A lot less code bloat and a cleaner appearance overall.  Going to be a pain in my ass to re-work the whole thing but in the end it will be far more worth it I think.  Thankfully for the most part I just need to build a template and do a whole lot of copy/paste with some minor formatting.   Aside from that, I don’t plan on doing much but relaxing and of course trying to get my life in order which seems to be a never ending battle of sorts…

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