Time well wasted today!

I’ve wanted to go to the botanical gardens for a while now few years now.  Of course no one wants to go with me a majority of the time.  I asked Donna if she wanted to go and she said to me and I quote ” I don’t want to spend the whole day watching you take pictures of flowers.” So when Jackie said she’d go with me, I was pretty excited!  I needed the distraction and today wasn’t a disappointment.

We started out at this little tiny hole in the wall restaurant for brunch where Jackie patiently listened to me ramble on about Jason and offered up some thoughts on her own experiences as well.  I had jokingly said that if there was such a thing as life after death then I’m looking forward to kicking his ass for hurting me so bad.  Her reply to that statement made a lot of sense and made me feel better: “Steph, if there truly is life after death, then he’ll already know how much you hurt and how much your suffering because of his loss.”  She’s got a point, I have to give her that!  It was also comforting to me in a way, because you know as religious as I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination I only wish/hope the he really can see just how much of an impact that his death has left on so many people.  I was able to get a hold of James who worked on the IAM2 project, I have yet to get back to him but I will on Monday.  He’s really only one of the few people that knew how close we were.  The outpouring of awesome support I’ve gotten from everyone has been amazing!  I’ve had a lot of new people pop into my life and “old” people that I haven’t heard from in forever come back into it.  I of course avoid dragging them into my emotional trauma and most of them have kept a respectful distance while I grieve.  I have to say once again that I am beyond grateful to have the close friends that I do.  I couldn’t get through this without you and I love you for it!

Anyway moving along…  We ate after running some errands for her rescue and headed out to the gardens which is MASSIVE, Jesus Christ I think we both sat down for all of a minute the entire afternoon.   We had a field day checking out all the different gardens and even popped in briefly to the insectarium to see how much we weighed in ants & I picked up some candy coated bugs for the kids.  I’m thinking Chelsea will think that its gross whereas Dustin will think its pretty neat.  What can I say, that’s the fun part about being an aunt 🙂

All in all it was a good day, although an exceptionally long one!  Then we headed off to the west island for some dinner and I got to meet my possible new companion for Heddy.  He’s a cute little tabby cat and hopefully they get along as he’s in need of a forever home.  My memory card is full and the batteries are dead so once they’re recharged then I’ll post pictures from the tattoo convention and the botanical gardens as well.  I’m far more interested in seeing how my garden pictures turned out as I got pretty up close and personal with some bee’s while I was there.  Didn’t get stung by any thankfully and I also nabbed a shot of a butterfly that was kind enough to hang out while I took a picture.  One thing I’m not looking forward to is uploading literally hundreds of images.  My HDD is once again becoming over-run with images and needs to be sorted out again *le sigh*

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