Finally setting the wheels in motion…

OK so buying a ticket to go to Ontario isn’t *that* exciting…  The downfall to being poor-ish: Your vacation time and funds are generally spent going to visit the family twice a year.  While I have friends that live across the world and have no problems with me darkening their doorstep (or so they say lol) I pretty much work my butt off to enjoy my time in Ontario which is really exhausting since I pretty much run around seeing everyone I haven’t since my last visit home & of course make the semi annual trip to see my tattoo artist.  The exciting thing about buying my ticket is that I’m leaving during the construction holiday which I’m fairly certain that Quebec is the only province to have this…  Which means everyone and their mother is going to be traveling so I’ve been watching the coach Canada website for WEEKS now waiting for them to offer tickets for July.  FINALLY they updated their website and I was able to buy my ticket.  Since I bought a non refundable ticket it cost $42.89 which is great & affordable!  In light of the economy Greyhound is offering HUGE discounts if you buy your ticket 14 days in advance, as in 50% off the price so score another one for me!  The less I spend on travel, the more money I can spend on my right sleeve!  So I snatched up my ticket right away because of course the higher the demand for that trip the more the price goes up.

So I have my vacation and my stay-cation booked as well since my mom, sister, nephew & Aunt will be driving me back to Montreal, so much for relaxing…  Don’t get me wrong I love my family & I enjoy having people over at my house… However its exhausting!  My time in Ontario is pretty much owned by everyone & then I have to trek back home & play hostess/tour guide.  So I’m going to need a vacation from my vacation/stay-cation.  I have some nice things planned and thankfully the ex husband and I are on good terms & he’ll take Dustin for the night so we can go out and not feel guilty about it.  That however depends on whether or not Sandra & Dustin actually come this year with us.  Dustin is going to the Tim Horton’s children’s camp in Kentucky for 10 days and then would be leaving 3 days later for Montreal.  I’m not sure which teacher nominated Dustin for this camp adventure but I owe them a huge heartfelt thank you because Dustin is such a sweet boy & he deserves it.  Sandra’s up in the air because she’ll need someone to Watch Chelsea on Fri, Monday & Tuesday since my brother in law has to work.

So mom’s 50th birthday is slated for the 18th & my tattoo appointment is booked (tentative) for the 22nd.  That might change, going to call Time & see if I can get in earlier because he too is leaving on vacation for 3 weeks the next day.   Then finally on the 27th its off to McGill to start my much needed catching up on dental work.  So its going to be pretty insane this summer, have a lot going on and very little time to actually get it done.  Things have been insane as of late, I somehow got caught in the middle-ish of someone Else’s drama but that’s a manageable situation.  My hours at work will likely get chopped for the summer, its only for 2 months but once I get started on my dental work that’s going to suck up a large majority of my extra income.  Thank God my mom’s hooking me up with a Visa, I have to go to a bank branch of her’s here and send them my signature and what not.  Its so worth it though!  It SO nice to be able to eat semi- normally, my mouth is much happier these days!

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