I <3 HSV-1...

OK actually no I don’t as a matter of fact its a pain in my ass!  OK herpes (simplex one) sounds a million times worse then it could be as in HSV-2 (genital herpes) If your really feeling up to viewing some images, well those can be found here.

Why on earth am I talking about herpes for?  Simple, because I have HSV-1 *(as does most of the population) which is nothing more then a cold sore that I didn’t even know that I had until my student dentist pointed it out.  Because I went to start my dental treatment at McGill today, took the afternoon off of work and lo and behold I couldn’t GET ANY WORK DONE!  Thankfully this ISN’T a regular occurrence, I think the last time I had one was a few years ago.   So now I have to call the poor guy back when its gone urgh!  Because the little bastard can spread like wildfire and while I am anything BUT impressed with it taking up residence on my face its not very visible.  I guess its a good thing I don’t go running around kissing people or giving out blow jobs eh?  I’ll tell you though, great way to turn guys off apparently!  Ahem thanks…  That was nothing short of awesome as in someone falling off the face of the planet the minute I told them.  Hey could be worse, I could have confessed that I had genital herpes which I am pretty damn thankful that I DON’T YAY negative blood tests!

Speaking of blow jobs…  Someone e-mailed this to me this morning and while I don’t see how it has anything to do with the actual product at hand its the innuendo that made me laugh to a certain degree…  Especially the commentary about the video itself.  Then of course there’s this one too which is more tasteful but still slightly inappropriate . One needs to wonder if that company was doing an ad campaign for pearl necklaces O.o!  Yeah I went there…  As for what I happen to think is flat out wrong oddly enough is this.  That’s likely because I dislike fast food but I especially hate burger king (and small children)!  Here’s an interesting twist on the gender role of things…  Sometimes I do love the internet! 😉

More reasons I love the internet (goes to show you my friends who send me this stuff have FAR too much time on their hands):
Breastfeeding dolls (I totally had a WTF moment) but the fox commentary is amusing.
My ALL TIME favorite condom commercial EVER! Which was banned, why I’ll never know because it reins supreme in hilarity!
Learn English?

More of course can be found here (thanks Ben)
Offensive?  Maybe to some, thoughts?
OK so I happen to think that Kayne West is an EPIC douchetard… Apparently I’m not the only one! Micheal sent these to me so of course I feel the need to pass it on 😉 How many people can relate to this

OK so enough with the random nonsense.   At least for the time being…
In other news, work is still mega fucking slow so I’m either a looking for a new job that pays more/gives me more hours *or* finding some BS part time job until things pick up at my work. Because I’m going to start accumulating some hardcore debt if this keeps up…
One thing I noticed was most ad’s that were in conjunction with my line of work, they always referred to the person they were looking for as a male IE: Him, He and so on. WTF? Sexist much holy fuck! I’m not some radical feminist or something but come on! I’ve been in this industry since I was 14, its woman like me who stuck it out amongst the gender BS who helped pave the way for woman Chefs today thank you very much!

On a final note its almost Friday:

Taken from facebook
because everyone loves animals and beer
WHERE: CLYDES 286 Lakeshore blvd (Pointe claire)

3 bands that rock are coming together on September 18th to play a benefit show for Secours Reach for the Stars Animal Rescue. SO, put on your fuckin green hat and get ready to hear some great bands play for an awesome cause!! Hope to see you there!





If anyone wants more information about Reach for the Stars Rescue & how you can help out, foster or adopt, feel free to contact me or visit this website:

Clydes is on the 211 bus route. You can catch the 211 from Lionel Groulx metro station, stay on past the Dorval Circle and get off right by Clyde’S in Pointe Claire Village at a stop on deLourdes by the corner of the Lakeshore.
For those who are driving you take the 20 to the Cartier exit and continue down to the Lakeshore and hang a right. Clydes is only a block or two from the corner and there is a parking lot.

4 thoughts on “I <3 HSV-1...

  1. avatar The gay superhero says:

    Babe, I mean really… Your smart, generous, fucking beautiful among a million other things. If no man can appreciate that, he ain’t worth it. Hell if I was straight I’d be ALL over that! 😉

    Love your blog, wish I was in Mtl to go to Clyde’s with you you, drunk Steph RULES!

  2. avatar Ben says:

    Your welcome hun! I also have to agree with your gay friend, your pretty awesome, even if you do have herpes lol.

  3. avatar Jay says:

    Steph, you are TOO much lol. Love your blog girl, keep it up!

    Herpes sucks, but hey at least you have the common virus and not on your vag cos well that would likely ruin your sex life FOREVER 😉 Is that even possible?

  4. avatar Steph says:

    P, <3 that’s why your one of my favorites 😉
    Jay, no not possible, can’t ruin something I DON’T have lol.
    Ben, well what can I say ha ha. Thanks just seems so trite…

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