The randomness that is my life…

So this is my first week with the schedule change and things are actually kind of OK for the most part.  Its a little different being there during the day working with and conversing with different people which is actually kind of nice.  Granted the totally inappropriate conversations are still very much never ending.  Like the great debate over just how much of a redhead I really am 😉  My hair color has changed somewhat exponentially over the years on its own due to age and the lack of sunshine that I expose it to.  However when I was a small child, my hair pretty much closely matched that of fire.  Nothing like looking as if you have a ball of flames attached to your scalp.  I offered to prove it to one of the owners at work but he declined lol.

Then we got to talking about the hockey game between Canada and the US that I quite frankly could care less about in any way shape or form because well its hockey so who cares.  OMFGWTFBBQ shocking I know…  But anyway I was talking to someone on the phone and they were screaming no no no in my ear and I couldn’t help but lament on the fact that that was the first time I have ever had a guy scream no in my ear like that…

One can hope when I do decide to converse with said person again they aren’t so damn crusty.  I can kind of figure out why seeing as how oddly enough there are certain aspects of said person that remind me all too much of myself.  I’m OK with that, because then at the very least I know how to deal with that.  Nothing wrong with getting in touch with your inner Steph 😉  Then again they’re also the greatest piece of inspiration behind my tattoo.  Don’t quite know how to say, thanks to you I have my life back.  well I do, just don’t know how to say it without sounding totally cheesy.

So were 7 days into the new year and so far nothing has sucked too bad…  Lots of work ahead but visa needs to get paid and the only way I can make that happen is to work my ass off some more.  I’m not going home this summer, the cost is quite exponential overall which is slightly sad in a way seeing as how I only go to Ontario.  However when you factor in the time I need to take off of work, the cost of transportation, not to mention getting my tattoo fix whilst there and general entertainment expenses the end just doesn’t justify the means for me when I have that much freaking debt. Well its not that bad, I know people who are FAR worse off in that department then I am but still I hate owing money.  I also hate only getting paid every 2 weeks, that’s exceptionally irritating!

Soon I’ll be back in school, that’s kind of scary!  I’m still holding off on my website because even though I finally feel as if I have my life back on track, I still haven’t transferred everything over to this computer yet program wise and all my files are stashed on my other HDD  as well and that’s just such a cumbersome task that I have little interest in embarking on for the moment.  It will get done, its just a matter of when really.  That and well I have too many other things that need to get out of the way first so it’s just going to have to wait a little longer!

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